Sunday, 26 July 2009


Late this afternoon we went to Sorrento just for a couple of hours. Sometimes it is a nice break away from home just to go for a coffee and a wander.
There are so many places just half an hours drive away from home.
After wandering up and down the Main Street going in and out of various shops we got a take away coffee and went to watch the Queenscliff ferry come in.

Of course the seagulls stopped by for a visit in case
we had something to feed them as we got out of the car

Here comes the ferry. If we had have been there earlier we would have caught the ferry to Queenscliff but it was just too late in the afternoon to make it worthwhile. We will save that for another day and go mid morning.

Such a pretty spot.

Love this shot under the pier

We then went to the Sorrento back (ocean) beach.
Lots of little family groups having fun

Then off to our favourite spot Murrays Lookout to see the sunset.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, 17 July 2009


Finally the weather conditions were right. Our phone call came at 4.55am and we were on the road at 5.05am. We got to Melbourne at 6.05am and met with the 'pilot', his assistant and 8 other passengers. We were driven to 'Goshes Paddock'
(Melbournians will know where I mean)
Once the balloon was set up and then 'blown up', it was time to
hop in the basket. Mmm..that was fun!!
Lets get that balloon right up

Here are Max and I ready to leave the ground. Iam surprised at how at ease I was - can't say the same for Max. Just remember how little sleep we had when you look at these tired faces.

Off we go-the cranes on the right are on the new Olympic Park stadium that is being built

Here is a photo of our group. There was a camera hanging on
a Trapeze type of thing that took 7 photos while we were up there.

There were 4 other balloons flying at the same time.

The views over Melbourne were fabulous

The MCG is in the bottom right corner of this one

There are 3 other balloons in this shot

See the No smoking sign near the gas flame.
Who in their right mind would want to light up when they were in the hot air balloon!!!


Such a beautiful morning

Some light fog came in but didn't stop us seeing anything

See the reflection of our balloon in the river below

After a 70 minute flight we landed with a couple of little thuds in Yarra Bend Park Golf Course - slightly off course and putting a hole in the balloon (thanks to a tree we hit). It all added to the fun of the morning as we entertained the golfers as we landed. Once the balloon was packed up we went off in the mini bus to the Botanical Gardens cafe for a Champagne breakfast.

Monday, 13 July 2009


Last Thursday we were babysitting the 'boy cousins' Riley and Lachlan.
What else do you do on a sunny Winter's day but go to the beach.
Riley decided that he needed to fill his pocket with rocks. Lachlan had fun picking up big rocks then watching Riley trying to fit them in.

Pocket full of rocks.
Riley ended up with so many in there that he could hardly lift his leg to walk
Stand on the waters edge to get the rocks out

Throw them in

He throws really well for a 21 month old

Now they are throwing some more

The boys had such a fun time on the beach

Saturday, 11 July 2009

THE WINNER IS...........

THE WINNER IS.........

Laura and her comment is-

laura said...
Lovely things in your new shop. Congratulations, I admire you for getting to this. My daughter keeps bugging me to get a shop together and I keep dragging my feet.
July 8, 2009 3:48 PM

Laura from Art From Trails End . is the winner of my Giveaway

Thanks to everyone that entered and the girls that put a link on their blogs were entered twice.

It is now 1.25am Saturday morning and we are watching the end of the Tour de France
The winner of todays stage is Moyenne.
The overall Leader and winner of the Yellow Guernsey today is Ronaldo Nocentini

No Hot Air Balloon ride as it is raining and the clouds will be too low. We are trying again on Friday 17th July.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


I am finally taking the plunge and opening my own Webstore.
My store is called Alison by the Bay and will be opening on Monday 6th July.
So I have decided to have a giveaway.
All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post to be entered into the giveaway.
You will receive a gorgeous Pink Cupcake, a pretty Heart, A mixed media Tag and a Cath Kidston Soap and Bath Melt.
To be entered a second time just mention my store opening on your blog (with a link of course) and let me know.
I will draw the winner on Friday 10th July (Australian time)
Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for Max and his interview but so far no news. Don't know if that is a good sign or not.