Friday, 30 January 2009


A Birthday and BUSY, BUSY and shhh… a sneak peek
Oh the heat is on, mid to high 40's (100'sF) all week.

My poor garden is suffering, my sweet roses are burning to a crisp!!
Click on the photos to enlarge them

Love this photo of my entry table.
I really love the look of the candle wax.

Love looking at the Pierre de Ronsard Rose as I hang out my washing.

The Iceberg Roses did look so pretty.

Today my baby turns 26.
Hey where did all those years go???
It just seemed like yesterday that he was born.
Here is the Birthday Boy Michael with his girlfriend Chantelle and new puppy Mack.

Just a little sneak peek at Amy’s wedding dress - not a very clear shot.
She looked so pretty when she tried this one on, certainly brought tears to my eyes.

Wedding preparations are in full swing.
Today I am working on the wedding invitations. Unfortunately the airconditioner does not cool down the study so I will just have a fan going. Today it will be 43C (109.5F).
Tomorrow in the morning I am off shoe shopping with the bride and her bridesmaids. The late afternoon will see Max and I at Amy and Ryan’s to help work out the lighting. I think we are having lighting coming from the roof onto the garden, swags of fairy/bud lights around the deck, some sort of lighting on the dam, uplights on some trees and who knows what else.

Wedding Dress – done
Veil – done
Bridesmaid dresses – done
Hairdresser booked
Makeup booked
Celebrant booked
Photographer booked
Caterer booked
Cake booked
Marquee, tables, tablecloths, chairs, lighting, red runner – booked
Drinks staff booked

Invitations working on
Men’s suits
Jewellery & rings
Onsite toilets
Cool room
Bride and bridesmaids shoes

Tuesday, 20 January 2009



Here on the Mornington Peninsula we are having a week of temperatures between 29 C ( 84F) to 39 C (104F). It is actually 39 C at my home now!!! Way too hot for me.
Yesterday in the late afternoon Max and I went to Seawinds Gardens at Arthurs Seat. There was such a lovely cool breeze. Such a pretty spot to go for a walk and then have a picnic dinner. We also went there last Tuesday for a picnic dinner.
These first two photos show you the lovely view we had.

There are some lovely sculptures
created by William Ricketts.
Click here to learn more about his works and where you can see them.

Such fabulous detail

Beautiful faces

Such a fabulous place for a visit.
Why don't some of you Aussie girls come
Just let me know you are heading our way and we can meet up for a coffee/tea.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Max and I spent a couple of days at Paynesville. It is a pretty place.
The view of sunrise on our second morning taken from our bedroom window

We thought we would head this direction so as we could
call in and see my father in hospital and also Max’s mother.

The water has such a calming effect on the soul.
Well I thought the last few months had been hectic!!
What was I thinking??

Hectic will probably be my only way of life until 4th April.
Why the 4th of April? Well that is when Amy and Ryan have decided to get married. So we only have a short time to get it all organized. They will be getting married at their home with around 200 guests.


On Wednesday morning my father and his wife will be flown home to Hervey Bay in Queensland. A nurse will accompany my father on the flight. What will happen when he gets home we are not sure. He will no doubt need some nursing assistance but that will all be sorted once he gets there. I would just like to thank you all for your care and concern for my father during the last 3 months