Thursday, 26 June 2008


More blues for Shades of Inspiration hosted by Sara of Sadie Olive

I took this photo yesterday of Riley asleep with yet another blue dummy and wearing some blue clothes

After some comments on Riley’s blue dummy in the previous post I thought I would do some research on what we all call them. Binky, pacy or dummy so long as it calms a baby you can call it whatever you like.

Check here for some information on all the different names for what we in Australia and world wide call a dummy

There was actually some blue sky amongst the clouds of yesterday

I have two of these vases. Depending on my mood sometimes I show the blue cameo side amd sometimes I turn it around and just have the pretty white pattern showing.

Closer look of the cameo

That's it from me until next week as once again I am sick this time with cold/flu.
So while I am babysitting Riley this week I will be resting on the sofa while he's asleep.
On the weekend we are having Chloe and Lachlan sleep over too.
Saturday I think I will go and watch Daniel my son play football and just sit back and relax before the kids get dropped off at 5pm.
Have a great week everyone.

Monday, 23 June 2008


The colour for this weeks Shades of Inspiration hosted by Sara of Sadie Olive is blue

I love this one of Riley sleeping on me with his blue dummy.
If you enlarge the photo you can see the remnants of his pumpkin lunch on his nose

I love the blue of the sky and beach at Flinders

Cute blue cupcake decorations

Love these little blue outfits on my childhood dolls

Such a pretty blue cup

These are a sweet little blue/floral pair

Lachlan and Chloe walking on the sand at Mount Martha

Smiley Riley and I last December

Have a great week

Saturday, 21 June 2008


Today Cielo from The House in the Roses is hosting a Garden Party.
Well it may be Summer for you but today it is a cold,
wet Winter’s Day for me in Mt Martha, Australia.
Here are a couple of photos I just took of the first bloom on
my Camellia that flowers in Winter.
See the raindrops on its petals

I have added some garden photos from throughout the year

Thursday, 19 June 2008


This weeks challenge from Sara of Sadie Olive is white
So here are some touches of white from around my home

Some shells on one of the tables in my entry

Love this little wooden trinket box on that same table

Have to include some roses from my garden

So pretty and creamy white Iceberg Rose blooms

Love the detail on this little cupboard

On the wall in my lounge/dining room

Usually there are candles on this one but as the room is getting a new floor it is bare

In my entry again

Thanks for visiting

Whiter Shade of Pale

This was my Mum's favourite song - for the music not the lyrics.

She played the organ and at her funeral nearly 16 years ago we had an organist play this piece.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Sometimes life just gets too busy and you need a rest.
My body told me that in the early hours of Saturday morning
I was so sick I had to stay in bed for a few days

It started with Max breaking some ribs on the day (Friday 6 June) the carpet was to be pulled up in our lounge/dining room that is 8 metres by 4 metres (26ft x 13 ft). We had moved and packed everything up in the room through the week except for a couch and the tv cupboard. The furniture was moved and carpet pulled up Friday night and one row of floorboards layed and glued mainly by our son Michael.

Here is Michael working away

The next day after working Michael came and did more with Hayley as his assistant. The Sunday we had to go out and then Michael came back and did some more with our other son Daniel( he had been working his 2nd job and could help any earlier).

Then Monday morning Michael was back for breakfast and worked all day getting the boards down. Daniel was able to help in the afternoon too, with Max also asssisting

Daniel Max and Michael once it was all done. The wet looking patches are just where they wiped over a few dirty spots.

Now we have to wait to sand and polish the floor. Of course Max wants to do that too.

So back to me getting sick – thanks to Max with his broken ribs and restless sleep for a week I was getting maybe 3 hours sleep a night if I was lucky. I know I should have gone and slept in another room but I didn’t. So with lack of sleep and three days of my 53 year old tired body babysitting sweet Riley I think I was a tad tired and paid the price.
Thankfully I am now feeling better and ready to start babysitting again tomorrow


Sherry from If I Could Set My Soul Free presented me with theYou are Sweet Award

Thanks Sherry it is just what I needed to cheer me up

Thursday, 12 June 2008




I gave a sneak peek back here.
This is what it was.

I was pleased with how the blue placemats turned out with the appliqu├ęd parasol on them.

The paper doll also had a photo of Jessi on it (she is hanging on the parasol in the photo).

Do you see the yummy red umbrella lolly pops there.
Remember to click on the photos so you can enlarge them
and get a better look

I think what I enjoyed creating the most was the ‘It’s Raining Men’ collage.

I used a photo of Jessi and photos of her son and my 2 sons.

I forgot to put the tags in the photo too.

Shannon from Paint Mine Pink did a fabulous job of hosting this swap.

Thanks Shannon

Look what I got in the mail German bisque dolls

from Kecia of Lemoncholy’s flight of fancy.
Check this on her blog to see where they came from.

Kecia has used them in some of her jewellery, check out her Etsy and see her creations
Thanks Kecia they are so cute.

The colour for this weeks Shades of Inspiration hosted by Sara of Sadie Olive is green.
Some green from the house and garden

Nappy/Daiper Cake

Cute teapot

Japanese Maple

Christmas Star