Saturday, 29 December 2007


Here are some photos of my little creative corner and I mean little.
I sometimes end up on the kitchen table when I have run out of space
I love my desk as it has a pull out slide over the drawers which gives me some space to lay stuff out
My desk looks kind of neat -it isn't always this neat.
There is a lovely slanted desk with a lift up lid on the floor beside my desk – just waiting to find some interesting looking legs to put onto it.
I use it to store some ribbons, papers and books.
This slide out shelf on the desk is so useful

Lots of pretty glitter. There is heaps more hidden in the draws.

Some of my favourite books.
I want to try some of the gorgeous crowns in one of the books.
Pretty colours on my desk
Cute little desk lamp

I just love this cute little note pad – pretty pink hat and ear rings.
Some of my favourite books.
I want to try some of the gorgeous crowns in one of the books.

I love playing in my little corner of my world.

Thursday, 20 December 2007


Some of you girls have been asking how Riley is doing, so here's the latest info.

Riley is now 9 weeks old. Today he went to the Health Centre and he weighs 5.2kg (11lb 4ozs).
Here is a photo I took of him on Saturday
He is getting to the cute stage now. Laughing, smiling and trying to talk.
I think he had a bit of wind in this photo as his eye is a little turned - it's not normally like that. Don't want you to think he is anything other than cute - which is so true.
I am such a proud Grandma.
The second photo I took of him on 26th November for Amy and Ryan to use on their Christmas cards. You might want to double click on this one it looks a little small.

Thanks Natasha for doing the cute little banner on my page. I had no idea how to do it and asked Natasha for some help.

Looks like there is another giveaway going on.

Bren, from Brenda's Little Cottage left a comment on my blog and said to spread the word that there is a giveaway going on, so I am letting all you girls out there know.

Monday, 17 December 2007


No – it’s a package.

The wonderful Michelle Legler, The Mosaic Queen from The Mosaic Cottage Blog sent me the most delightful Mosaic Cupcake. Knowing how much I love the Shabby Chic colours this is the beautiful creation she sent me
I was so lucky to be the winner in her giveaway.
Thanks Michelle it is a wonderful early Christmas present for me.
Well Surprise, Surprise as Gomer Pyle would say (those of us old enough to remember would know who Gomer Pyle was) there did end up being a letter for me.
No make that two letters

The first letter that was in a pretty envelope came from Karin of Creative Chaos, as I had won a giveaway drawn by Carlos one of her cute boys. Lucky for me Andres was asleep otherwise if he drew the winner it may have been someone else. Thank you Carlos.
Karin is the proud Mom of two little darlings that fall asleep in some funny positions and places.
In Karin’s giveaway I won a gorgeous tag. It has such a pretty cake on it.
The second letter contained a lovely Christmas card, recipe card and a list of great books to read from Tiffany of Tiffanys Handpainted Loveboxes.
Thank you Tiffany it is a very special gift.

A BIG THANK YOU - to everyone that has sent such lovely messages and thoughts on the passing of my father-in-law Stan

Wednesday, 12 December 2007



What do I like about my Holiday Home ???
Well usually I go a bit over the top with my Christmas decorating but with the death of my father-in-law Stan on 28th November it didn’t seem appropriate to do too much this year.

Luckily for me I have a husband that lets me play house and pretty much do what I want.
With the grandchildren coming to our house several times a week I always make sure that there is nothing that matters too much because having them around is more important to me than any old Christmas decoration.
Christmas to me is having all of my family together and enjoying each others company at this special time of year.

In my entry window I have hung some pretty pink baubles and a star – I did plan on putting a little tree out the front under that window but it has been way to windy to do that.
Step inside my front door and you will see this pretty little tree all decked out in pink, silver and white
On the opposite wall I have 3 beautiful Christmas wreaths made by the wonderful Natasha – of course in the shabby chic colours

A bit further along is another pretty little table that has a little silver Christmas tree and some baubles in a crystal dish next to a photo of Melanie and Amy.

Inside my lounge room I have a pretty white tree decked out in pink, green and silver
When I made the blue cupcakes for Laura in the ornament swap I also made 3 pink ones for my tree.
There are baubles with all of the family names on them. Chloe has hers next to a sweet ballerina

Lachlan’s is next to a Green Star that he selected at Target last year

Max and my bauble’s are on top next to the pretty green and cream angel I bought from Natasha

There are also 2 pretty glittered birds and 2 little rose stars that came from Natasha and they are next to my cupcakes

On top of my TV cabinet I have hung the 4 glass hand painted cupcake baubles that I got from Laura in the ornament swap. They are hanging on a candle holder as I didn’t want to chance the little ones breaking them. I love the butterfly pins in the candles too. My pretty Pink Santa and his 2 reindeer are standing by guarding the glass baubles

Hanging on one of the knobs of the TV cabinet is a pretty Battenburg Lace angel holding pink flowers.

On the opposite wall I have a mirror and two sconces. I put pink and geen baubles in glass containers on the sconces
On the dresser behind the dining table I just have a couple of Angel Tea light Holders, a little silver tree and some green garland draped across the top.

My dining table has two pretty reindeers and some pink and green baubles on it.

Thanks for visiting and checking out my Christmas decorations this year.
A big Thank You to karla for hosting this Party.
On Christmas Day and every day remember those loved one's that we have lost.
RIP Stan

Sunday, 9 December 2007



After our babysitting gig last night Max and I thought we
deserved a nice afternoon out of the house.
I was up at 3.00am after I woke hearing 3 year old Chloe vomitting in bed. Yucky. It has been a while since I have had to strip a bed of all its linen while cleaning up kiddie sick. Don’t know what made her sick but I was oh so glad when Lachlan didn’t do the same thing. I was relieved to see Melanie (their Mummy) come to pick them up at midday as I figured if they are going to get sick again it was her turn to deal with it.

While Chloe and Lachlan were here they had fun finding costumes to dress up in.

You may remember my post showing where we like to go for pizza. Well today we went further up that mountain to Seawinds Gardens. We rang a couple of friends and said we have a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine, glasses and a platter of nibbles and a picnic rug would you like to meet us there. So off we went and met them at the park.
It was a great afternoon just relaxing and having drinks with our friends.

For the first time in years we saw some kangaroos coming through just 30 feet away from us. For a while they just stared at us – I was hoping they weren’t going to come too close
You may have to click on the photo to make it larger.

There were also a few kookaburras.

Love this one on its own.

Magpies too.

If you want to know more about the animals and birds in my post make sure to click on the link and see what they are all about.
Now tomorrow I really must get into my boxes of Christmas decorations.
It's nearly Christmas!!!!!!
I am not ready!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Home again after spending time with Max’s family during his father’s final days and up to his funeral. It certainly has been a very difficult time for us all.
I was very proud of the way our children participated in their Pop's funeral. Melanie (age 30) and Amy (age 29) handed out tomato seedlings in memory of their Pop, as it was something that he always grew and shared with his friends. Daniel (age 26) and Michael (age 24) assisted their father and cousin in carrying the coffin from the church to the hearse, a very emotional moment for them all.
Thank you to everyone that has left such caring messages, it meant a lot to us all.

Sorry to take so long in showing what Laura of katdiddys sent to me.
4 beautiful Glass Baubles with Cupcakes handpainted by Laura. A lovely store bought star with Santa, a Snowman and little child hiding away in the middle. Some of Laura’s fabulous cards that she sells in her Etsy Store. Last but not least is this beautiful Slice of Cake Giftbox made by Laura with a gorgeous Pink Christmas Ornament inside.
Thank you Laura for being such a fun Swap partner.