Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I don't seem to be able to find the time to get out my art supplies and create anything.
My supplies take up too much room. The room I was using as my creative space now has a bed and gets used by the grandchildren a few times a week so there is no way I can leave anything half done on my desk .
So I have decided to get back to embroidery as my main artwork.

This silver bowl holds what I will use for my next creation.
Linen, threads, a needle and an old watch to remind me to take the time to create.
This needle will be my saviour.
It will help me sit and relax yet still create
On Sunday we went to Melbourne (just over an hours drive)
We went for a walk along the Yarra River
Such a beautiful Autumn day

Autumn in Melbourne is always special.

Friday, 21 May 2010

From 3 to 5

Come Christmas Day we should have not ONE but TWO new babies in our family

My daughter Amy and her husband Ryan are expecting their second child on 30th November
Riley will love having a baby in the family
Funny kid thinks you go to Target to get a baby sister, there will be trouble if it's a brother cos he says he wants to get a baby sister at Target
Amy is 12 weeks, so this is where she's at
My son Daniel and his fiance Candice are also expecting
They are due 21st December

Candice is 9 weeks

Daniel and Candice have been back living with us since late October waiting for their house to be built. They hope to move in next month but I don't think it will be ready by then. Hope it's done before the baby arrives

If I thought I was busy with 3 grandchildren I can only imagine the craziness of 5.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


1st June sees the beginning of Winter for us in Australia
My roses are still blooming which is lovely to see

Love my Pierre de Ronsard climber

Had to take a photo of the spider web coming off this rosebud.

The Winner of my giveaway is Dee Dee of BrownPaperPackaging

Dee Dee said...
Congrats on 200 posts! :) Thanks for all the comments on my blog. They always make me smile.
May 17, 2010 12:40 PM
Dee Dee you need to email me your address as there is no email address on your blog.
Some exciting happenings in my family.
Will post about it tomorrow as my babysitting gig with Riley is in full swing and he's just decided to try swinging off my arm which makes posting slightly difficult

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

200th Post and a Giveaway

Can't believe I have done 200 posts.
To celebrate the occasion I am having a giveaway.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this page and this sweet heart garland could be yours.
I will draw a winner on the night of 19th May (Australian time)

Love Autumn

Love looking at the colours of the leaves on the Silver Birch trees at the end of this garden.
Amazing that these 3 silver birch still have their leaves but the 5 out the front garden have none left.

Beautiful raindrops on the camellia blooms this morning

Love the colour of the flowers on the camellias in this hedge
Thanks to everyone on their lovely comments over the time we had Riley staying with us.
Hope it didn't bore you too much
Don't forget to leave a comment to be in the giveaway

Monday, 10 May 2010


A Happy Mothers Day for little Riley
Yesterday morning daughter Amy and her husband Ryan came home from New York
We told Riley we were going to the airport to look at aeroplanes.
He was quite happy with that. A drive of just over an hour.
Of course we saw some planes and he was happy.
Waiting by the doors for his parents to come out of International arrivals we told him someone special was coming. Funny little man thought that it was going to be his cousins.
When Amy and Ryan came through the doors, he was amazed. He never said anything, just looked at them. Of course we passed him over the barrier for his parents to have a cuddle.
Just look at that smile.

He kept a tight hold of his Mummy's hand as we were leaving the waiting area

Still holding on to her as we walked to the car.
It has been very quiet at our home today without him.
Not to worry he is back on Wednesday and doesn't leave again until Thursday night.
He is a gorgeous little man.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

DAYS 5 TO 8 OF 10

Starting to miss his Mum and Dad.
Been trying to keep Riley busy so as he doesn't miss his parents too much.

Today he gave the horse around the corner a carrot

Sat in the new little Ikea tent having a snack of cheese, apple and carrot sticks
Loved having the little car track coming into the tent and laughed like mad when it ran off the track onto the floor

Decorated some cupcakes that he helped make
(Forgotten how much stuff you have around the place when you permanently have a little one with you)
Enjoyed an ice cream with his cousin Chloe at Wednesday night family dinner. This week we went around the corner to daughter Melanie's house for dinner instead of my house

I think he's a Blogger in training - loves using the camera and had fun looking at himself in the mirror of the toy dressing table and actually getting a half decent photo. Amazing that at 2 1/2 he does take a few good shots

Chain Saw Gang - Tuesday afternoon I picked Lachlan and Chloe up from school so they could have a play with Riley. They made themselves crowns out of the car track and then got out Riley's toys - chain saw, hedge trimmer and tool box

Monday Melanie came around for a coffee and read a story to Riley

It has been fun having Riley. Feel a bit sad when he starts asking for his Mum and Dad and gets a bit teary eyed.
They are due home 8.00am Sunday morning.
Should be a tearful reunion.
Just noticed that this is post 198 so sometime next week come back as I will have a Giveaway for my 200th Post

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Saturday we took Riley to watch his Uncle Daniel play football.
At 1/4 and 1/2 time he had fun playing football with Grandmadaddy.
Fun name for a Grandfather - Max became Grandmadaddy when our first grandchild Lachlan (7) first started talking, he couldn't say Grandad but could say Grandma so the daddy was added to Grandma

He is a good little kicker of the football
Must be because he watches his daddy play football every week
Sunday he spent a few hours with his other Uncle Michael and Aunty Chantelle

He loved his noodle dinner with his Uncle Michael

Time Square New York was shut down by a bomb square - Amy and Ryan rang to say that their accommodation was in that area and were trying to get back to their hotel.
We have been having so much fun with Riley, he says the funniest things.
He has even been sleeping well which is such a bonus (for us anyway)