Monday, 28 June 2010


This morning Max and I met my sister and brother-in-law for breakfast to celebrate my BIL's birthday. As we live 93km(58miles) away from each other I found this lovely nursery/cafe that was nearly in the middle. It is called Warran Glen Garden Centre and Cafe and is Warrandyte, Victoria. So any of you Melbourne girls looking for somewhere to meet your friends then this is the place.

The entry was so pretty with lots of rusty metal.
See on the wall to the left pretty cut out panels that had lights behind them.
The urns at the front looked fabulous
If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see that the cafe is at the back of the main building
Just look at this gorgeous urn

It was a cold frosty morning and there was frost on the top of the urn

See the cut out sections on the roof & side panels. So pretty and the sun shining through them onto the wall below looked wonderful
There was also a great gift section

There were some amazing huge water bowls/pots there

Loved the outdoor Living Section at the back

Wish I had a yard big enough to have this water feature

SUNSET at Mt Martha Beach

The winds were really strong so it was perfect conditions for the Wind Surfers
See the ship on the right of the setting sun

There's that ship again - now it's on the left of the sun
I don't know how these guys manage to control the boards.
A tough workout, they were going so fast.

Monday, 21 June 2010


After our weekend rain the sun was beautiful this afternoon
I just love the afternoon sunshine streaming through my bedroom window.
Creating beautiful shadows as it streams through the lace curtains.
After 6 years of sunshine coming through these windows my toile drapes need replacing. I think this time they might just be white.
Click on photos to enlarge - they look better that way
Love the lacy shadows created by the afternoon sun

With our Winter weekend rain there were some gorgeous raindrops around the garden

This pretty Iceberg Rosebud with a hint of pink looked so pretty with it's raindrops

Love the way the drops of rain glisten

Drip, drop.

Love the frosty look of this rosebud

Such a soft and pretty look

Loving the big droplet just hanging and waiting to fall

Love how this is just hanging on the tip of the branch

All in a row

These I adore, looking like little glass balls

Not many blooms left on my climbing Pierre de Ronsard
Ready to drop off the tip of this lemon tree leaf
The rain was wonderful for our Victorian gardens

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


On 26th April I picked these late Autumn roses and thought I'd leave them for ages to see how they dried out.

This is how they are today

I love the papery (not a real word but you know what I mean) look of them

These colours I adore


Today Max and I went for a coffee down at the pier at Mornington (5 minutes from home)
We just buy a take away coffee and take a snack of some sort to have with it

It was such a beautiful afternoon

Love the cobblestones leading onto the wooden pier

Just look at the texture of this pylon on the pier

Here is Max leaning over looking into the water

Some of the boatsheds

Look at the colour of the cliff face

Loving the rust on the pontoon
A great way to spend a Winter afternoon

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Living a five minute drive from the beach is wonderful.
I have spent a lot of time year round walking along our little stretch of beach.
Everytime I go for a walk I pick up a couple of pieces of seaglass.
Thought I'd show you some of the ways I display them

In the middle of this glass urn is a candle.
At night when the candle is lit it looks so pretty

Love this photo of my son Michael. The scattering of seaglass is mainly the colours of his uniform

This crystal compote(filled with seaglass) on my dining dresser was a gift Max and I gave ourselves for our 15th Wedding Anniversary(19 years ago)

I have two of these on my TV cabinet

This cut glass compote filled with seaglass belonged to my grandmother

I put my Grandmothers cut glass compote on the floor so as I could take an overhead shot of the seaglass

On my bookcase I have seaglass scattered across the front of Barbara Jacksier's book Waterside Cottages. The glass goes perfectly with the colours on the cover of Barbara's book

This sweet little lamp has shells, stones and seaglass surrounding its base

Seaglass, stones and shells.
Love my local beach