Monday, 23 March 2009


Saturday my eldest sibling – my sister Susan celebrated her 60th Birthday.I remember her walking me to school on my first day. She was in Grade 6 and I was in ‘Bubs’ that is now called Prep. She has been a very supportive and loving sister.
As part of her birthday gift I made this collage.

It was fun to create it for her.

I put a penny from the year she was born on it too.

She entered her birthday party in style – on the back of a Harley ridden by one of her sons.


12 days to go until the wedding. Still making some decorations for inside the marquee but other than that I think we are all ready for the big day. Oh no I just remembered we have to copy the music for the bridesmaids and then for Amy to walk down the aisle. One last working bee at Amy and Ryan’s next Saturday and we will be ready for the big day. It is amazing how relaxed Amy is with it all.

Sunday, 15 March 2009



What a fun night we had at Amy’s Hen’s night. 3 weeks to go for the wedding.My eldest daughter Melanie and my niece Marnee are the bridesmaids.

Melanie , Amy, Marnee

Melanie organized a fabulous night of cocktails and great food.

Amy had told her no stripper!! Melanie really had her worried when “Shane’ the Topless Waiter walked in.

I think that was fear making Amy laugh, especially as it was
her future mother-in-law standing next to her


After a few cocktails and shots – I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little ‘tired’.
The day was a bit flat and the batteries needed charging.
Just look at my tired eyes!!!

Nothing like a great cup of tea to get you moving, so it was off to Miss Kitty’s in Red Hill for afternoon tea.
Any of you girls visiting the Mornington Peninsula make sure you check out Miss Kitty's Tea Room & Emporium Shop 11/159 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill. They have apparently been open for 12 months but this was my first visit.

I had a great ‘pot of tea’ and Max had a cappuccino and some yummy carrot cake.
They have some gorgeous gifts and homegoods there.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009



My life seems consumed by the wedding plans.

We had a long weekend here in Victoria and most of the 3 days was spent doing wedding things.Saturday we had a working bee at Amy and Ryans with the guys laying turf in the area the marquee is going

Then onto Chloe’s 5th Birthday party
Crazy Faced Birthday Girl
Wearing an apron I made for her birthday.
I gave her a sweet pink baking set, a cook book and the apron.

Saturday night was spent at Amy and Ryans with
more birthday celebrations this time for my son Daniel.
Here he is with his birthday cake and girlfriend Candice.

Sunday they left for 2 weeks in Bali.

Had to make some time to pick some roses.

Sunday was Ryans Bucks Day/night – the guys went on a fishing charter boat. After 6 hours Amy Max and I drove to pick them up and then take them back to Amy and Ryans for more fun – then back to pick them up at about 9pm and take them out and drop them off for some night time fun.
Amy and Riley came and stayed with us for the night – too much noise and frivolity at their place.
Monday morning Amy and Riley came for a walk with Max and I.
Riley had fun at the park after our walk

Riley says - Ready ....set.... go......

Then Amy and I went shopping while Max looked after Riley. I bought my dress for the wedding while we were out. Then it was a walk around to Melanie’s. The three grandchildren had fun playing together

Bouncing on the trampoline

Ouch says Riley - my head!!!

Finally when everyone went back to their own homes a tired Max and I made a picnic dinner and went up to our favourite lookout at Arthurs Seat and watched the sunset.

Forty minutes later sunset looked like this

Sunday, 1 March 2009



What a wonderful way to spend the first day of Autumn/Fall – on the beach with our grandchildren, Lachlan and Chloe .

Nothing like standing in the water at the beach
Grandad and Grandson

Collecting shells and sea glass

Running along the sand

What can we see?

Watching the tide come in.