Thursday, 26 November 2009


SEAGULLS for Waterside Wednesday
Amazing how many Seagulls you see at the beach
Watching and waiting for something to come their way
Here they are at Queenscliff just waiting to get a crumb of our morning tea

Lining up in the carpark at my local -Mount Martha Beach

Carpark at Dromana Beach waiting for a chip to be thrown their way

Soaring through the sky at McCrae Beach

Lining up again at McCrae Beach.

They certainly are the best beach side scavengers I have seen

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009


If you think your life isn't going the way you would like it to then take a look at this
Somehow it puts it all in perspective

Take care

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


This week involves lots of Babysitting.
Lachlan and Chloe overnight on Monday night. Then take them to school and pick them up again on Tuesday.
Wednesday morning I pick up Riley and he is here until Thursday night.
After all that I do sleep soundly on Thursday nights.
After an early dinner with Lachlan and Chloe on Monday night we went to Mornington (5 minutes in the car) for them to have a run along the pier
Running on the Mornington Pier

Lets look over here - I see a fish

The wind is blowing us along the pier

Lachlan has his head down and is trying to look between the gaps in the pier to see how many fish are down there

Ooh this looks a bit dangerous with the missing timber

Oh what is a girl to do in the wind???

Lets look down here too!!

So far down there

Wonder what their mother would have thought when we let them climb up here???

Looks like Chloe is about to lean too far
They could see the city of Melbourne from here
They couldn't believe the rubbish that people had thrown in the water and how it ended up washed up on the rocks

Lachlan and Max just 'hanging' around
The kids really enjoyed their little venture to Mornington Pier and after all that running around they slept really well

Friday, 13 November 2009

Busy weekend and a giveaway is coming

Off to Shepparton for the weekend
This weekend my youngest Michael 26 is competeing in the Shepparton Half Ironman
This is his first triathlon. The race is on Sunday and the weather in the area is meant to reach 40 C ( 104 Farenheit), way too hot for my liking. He will be swimming 1.8km(1.2 miles) riding 9okm (56 miles) and running 22km (13.5 miles) such a difficult thing to do in the heat. Apparently the race can be shortened if the temperature is too extreme. The race starts at 7.00am Sunday. Fingers crossed that he completes this race in a time that he is happy with.

Maree from Buyster Rugs contacted me about having a giveaway on my blog.
I have selected this cute City Streets Kid's Rug for myself as I think that Riley would love playing with it on the days that I babysit him. Apparently the rug is on its way. Once it comes I will see how much fun Riley will have with it and then a Giveaway will be coming your way.
A fabulous gift voucher for the winner to spend at Buysterrugs .
Sorry but this Giveawy will only be open to those from Australia as Buyster is based in Australia and will only ship within Australia.
The Giveaway will be coming soon.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


A beautiful Spring Sunday morning with the temperature heading towards 35 celsius (95F)
My daughter Amy along with little Riley came and picked up Max and I to go to Mornington Market. Melanie my other daughter and her kids Lachlan and Chloe live just around the corner so we picked them up too. Lucky that Amy has a 7 seater to fit us all in.
With such fabulous weather there were heaps of people. Forgot to take my camera with me.
Stopped for a chat with Gail McCormack who was there with husband Tony and all of their fabulous paintings and furniture pieces for sale. 5 year old Chloe just adored all of Gails gorgeous girly ballet pieces. Stop by Gail and Tony's website and take a look at their fabulous work.
After a fun time wandering around the market the kids eating lollipops and hot chips/french fries it was time to head home.
Amy dropped Melanie and her kids at their house, then we dropped Max and Riley at my house,making sure I got my camera this time.
Amy and I then went to an Open Garden in Mornington called Dalywaters.
The entry fee of $5 went towards Legacy. Legacy is an organisation of veterans, servicemen and women and other volunteers who are dedicated to the care of the dependants of Australian Defence Force members, after the death of a spouse or parent during service, and to Australian and Allied families after operational service.
Dalywaters is a beautiful Mornington Peninsula wedding venue.
Amy in a great covered area. Such a pretty climbing rose

Through these fabulous rusted white gates you can see the chapel

The dam through the gate

Amy amongst the roses and agapanthus that were so full of buds just waiting to burst open.

This is the chapel where there was a lady playing the harp. It sounded beautiful

Such a beautiful setting

The arch here is where the bride would first walk in

She would then turn down this aisle and be on her way to the romantic chapel

Beautiful lavender lined brick pathway leading to the house on the property

Pretty daisies on the deck next to the dam

Blue moon roses

So many gorgeous roses and such a romantic setting
Below are some of the beautiful roses that were in the garden

Gorgeous petals

So many beautiful roses.