Thursday, 30 August 2007


Last week I missed the Wednesday night family dinner as I had come down with the flu. Being a good Grandma I didn't want Lachlan and Chloe to catch it or their pregnant Aunty Amy.
As I was sick 5 year old Lachlan did a drawing for me. Yes it is of me being sick(that's what the brown stuff is) into a blue bucket. As I have 2 buckets he also drew the red one at the bottom of the picture.
You have to laugh. Kids are just sooo.. funny.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


I really don't like dusting. I would rather be creating something or gardening - anything other than dusting BUT I can't have people thinking my dresser is grey and not white now can I??
I really like the way I have things set up on my dresser at the moment so to make sure I put things back where they came from I took a photo!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


We have had some beautiful days here in Mount Martha. Blue skies and sunshine. Soo.. beautiful. Everyones gardens are starting to show signs of Spring (1st September). It can be a beautiful time of year.

I have been doing a bit of Op Shop shopping this week and this is what I found. 2 gorgeous cups & saucers. Just love the green on the trio and the pink and gold cup and saucer is so pretty. I thought I would use the old Avon aqua powder bowl to put some buttons or ribbons in on my desk. The 2 little doves are soo.. pretty too. The little pink Pin Dish will also come in handy on my desk. As for the pink glass jug I am sure to find a use for that.

Tomorrow I will mail my Cotton n Candy Swap goodies to Liz. Trying to think of goodies to complete the package has been fun. It was agreat idea for a swap Shannon.

Monday, 13 August 2007


When I woke up this morning and looked out of my bedroom window and saw these beautiful raindrops just hanging from my tree I thought it looked lovely.We had had some much needed rain. The drought here in Victoria, Australia has been really bad with our water levels at only 36.9% full.

After looking at all of the tutorials from ArtsyMamas Party it has me in a creative mood so hopefully now that I have finished painting baby furniture I can do something for my self.

Shannon from Paint Mine Pink is also having a swap that I have put my name into so that should be fun. It is a Cotton N Candy Swap - great idea Shannon

Monday, 6 August 2007


My Tussie Mussie from Mary Ann arrived today!
I was sooo... excited!
Couldn't wait to open it.
So many goodies.
Yeh I love this swap.

Just look at what Mary Ann sent for me.
A gorgeous Tussie Mussie full of lots of great stuff!
A pretty pink ballerina,buttons,trims,candy,cards,lip gloss,glitter and even some scrabble letters spelling out my name.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Saturday 4th August

What a day!

2 games of football to watch. Son No. 1 Daniel playing for Dromana, then Son No.2 Michael playing for South Mornington. One win and one loss not bad! Then painting Baby furniture for Amy, daughter Number 2. Her first baby is due early October.That will make 3 beautiful grandchildren. Melanie my first born has 2 gorgeous children, Lachlan 5 and Chloe 3. I just love them to bits. Max and I are so glad we started having our family early (by todays standards) so as we can be youngish grandparents.

I finally worked out how to add Flickr to my page. I nearly gave up but somehow I got there.

How gorgeous all the Tussie Mussies are in the Tussie Mussie Group that Maria organised. I think I managed to put a couple of photos on the group page.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, 3 August 2007


Today I signed up with Flickr but I can't work out how to put it on my Blogger page.
Looks like I will have to ask someone that knows how to do it!
I did manage to put a photo on my Flickr page but that was all I could do. I am sure whatever you are meant to do is just staring me in the face but this time I couldn't work it out. I hate to think how I am going to add a photo to a group page.
Oh well I will try another day.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

My First Blog and post!!

I have been wanting to create a blog for a while but kept putting it off. Then I thought why not just have a go.

I have been reading other peoples Blogs and thinking how great they are and what interesting lives they all lead. It is fun to read about and see all the great art and craft work everyone creates.

Anyway let me introduce myself. My name is Alison and I live on the Mornington Peninsula in Mount Martha Victoria Australia. Mount Martha is a lovely place to live. The beach is just beautiful.Even in winter it is fantastic to go walking along the beach or the boardwalk beside Balcombe Creek. I will have to take a couple of photos and put them on so as you can see how lovely it is.

I am just about ready to pack up my Tussie Mussie to send to my Swap Partner Mary Ann in Janesville,Wisconsin, USA.

As well as my first post it is also my first Swap. After looking at all the photos from other people in the swap on this site I hope mine is OK. I think we all feel our things may not be as good as everyone elses. We all have a little self doubt. I will take a photo of my Tussie Mussie before I pack it up.

Well that is my first attempt at a Post. maybe next time I can add some photos and work out how to add other links etc.

Have a great day!