Monday, 28 July 2008



Just a quick post as the rest of my week will be spent babysitting.

Poor little Riley was only well for about a week and now he’s sick again.
Poor little man.
Yet again nothing much will be done around my home this week just some cuddling for Riley from Grandma. My housework will still be there later and all that matters is to get Riley well again. So tough on Amy having to go to work and leave her sick little man with me.


Saturday saw Max and I watching our son Daniel playing football.
Their team is undefeated this season.
Here is a photo of Max and Daniel taken by one of the guys at footy using Max’s phone

Daniel is 27


Sunday Max went running with our youngest son Michael 25.
This year in October Michael will run in the Melbourne Marathon with Max.
It will be Michael’s first Marathon and Max’s 28th.

2nd AUGUST will be my One year Bloggaversary.

Come back on 2nd August and I will be celebrating with a Giveaway.

Thursday, 17 July 2008



Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and well wishes while sweet little Riley and I were sick.
Riley has improved and after going to the doctor Tuesday night – he now has only ‘slightly infected’ ears, a cough and slight wheezing. So another course of antibiotics and ventolin only twice a day. He is so much happier now.
He is 9 months old on Saturday and already is walking around holding on to whatever is in reach.

See what he is up to here. Standing up watching ‘In The Night Garden’ on TV.


How lucky am I to be given this award by 3 wonderful bloggers

Karen from A Scrapbook of Inspiration gave me this fabulous award on 9th July. Wait until you see Karen’s blog so full of wonderful photos and gorgeous art. Check her Etsy shop too – such wonderful creations.

Jennalee from Artrageous Afternoon also gave me this award on 12th July. Check out her blog full of the most wonderful vibrant artwork.

Jen from Sanctuary Arts at Home gave me the award today 17th July.
Love visiting Jen's blog.

Now I can pass this lovely award to seven other people. If you have already received this award, well now you get to give it to another seven people.


The Rules Are:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I would like to give this award to...
Sherry of
If I Could Set my Soul Free
Lori of Faerie Window
Vickie of Whispers of Inspiration
Connie of Living Beautifully
Gail of Originals by Gail and Tony McCormack
Mandii of Shabby Vintage Mandii

Shades of Inspiration

This week’s colours are pink and green.

As it is midwinter here in Australia I picked the last of the buds on my Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose before I attack it with the secateurs

I love this bowl – such pale green and pink panels.
Of course gorgeous roses too.

Now go and check some other pink/green photos

Friday, 11 July 2008


We thought Riley was doing better and on her way to work on Monday Amy took him to creche . By lunch time he wasn't feeling too happy so I had to go pick him up. Tuesday 5.30pm he had a check up at the Doctor who immediately sent him to hospital as he was having difficulty with his breathing. Thankfully he is now doing a bit better but is using ventolin a few times a day. Still not 100% and a bit difficult to babysit but he can't help it if he feels unwell.
This week for Shades of Inspiration the colour is brown.
With all my babysitting I haven't had a chance to look for too much brown.

I love the texture of the brown leather on my sofa. It reminds me a bit of an elephant's skin.
Some brown on my shells
Sorry for the not so great photos but these last 2 were taken early this morning

This wooden container holds a rose carved from soap.

Daniel brought this home from Thailand.

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Monday, 7 July 2008



Grandma and Grandson are still sick.
Yes Riley and I are still under the weather. Poor little Riley now has eczema, asthma and bronchitis. Until he was sick this time he had never had any of these conditions. So every couple of days he is at the Doctors. On and off antibiotics and getting lots of different creams to help the eczema.
I am on my second lot of antibiotics but still having trouble with my throat and ears.
Oh well life goes on and we just deal with whatever happens on the day.

I won a great giveaway from Michelle of Living and Creating.
Just look at all these wonderful gifts

See the pretty pendant hanging on the glass candle holder.
Michelle has posted a photo here on her blog of the pendant.
Thanks Michelle


I bought some lovely Cathy Penton charms.
I love them as they describe me perfectly – Vintage Girl!!

Such beautiful charms

Check out her blog Cathy Penton Designs Shoppe– she does beautiful work that she sells through various people. Cathy also has a personal blog called Simple Things Small Joys


I also bought a charm pendant from Dale of Sea Dream Studio

Here is her website if you want to see what pretties she sells in her shop.

Cute on both sides

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


PINK SICK - well not really.
Mind you it is a post about being sick and some pink pretties.
Last week I was sick and so was Riley. It was tough babysitting Riley while I was feeling 'very ordinary'. By Friday the 3rd day of babysitting both Riley and I were feeling yucky. After Rileys lunch I put him down for a nap and 2 hours later he woke up feeling quite hot. I took his temperature then stripped him down to a nappy and singlet gave him some paracetamol and went outside where it was a bit cooler. I thought this may bring his temperature down a bit. He was quite lethargic and just lay on me all afternoon not wanting to eat or drink. By the time Amy came to pick him up at 6 o'clock I was ready for him to go to the Doctor as he had a temperature of 39(102) Of course the doctor was closed so we went to the hospital where we found he had inner ear infections. Thanks to antibiotics and paracetamol his temperature came down and he is much better.
As I am due to babysit again on Wednesday I thought I better get myself to the Doctor too. So now I am on antibiotics too and have similar to Riley but with my infected throat I have hardly any voice and have to speak in a whisper for the words to come out right.
So annoying not to be able to speak. Well it is for me but maybe Max sees it as a blessing!!!
So that is the Sick bit and below is the Pink

With most things packed away because of out floor getting done I have used some old photos for this weeks pink

This pretty little pink cup was given to me by a friend on her return from a recent holiday in France

Chloe amongst some pink on my bed

Have a great week