Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bags Drink Babysitter!!!!

Not really! I don't think a bag can drink a babysitter.
Maybe in a horror movie.

Just the other day I got to drink this yummy pink drink.

It was Pink Hot Chocolate.
In the Vintage Heart Swap hosted by Dolly my partner Missy sent me this delicious drink.


When is a bag not a bag???
When it is a notebook
The lovely Adla from Vintage Delights by Adla asked me to send her my postal address as she had a little something she wanted to send me.
It was a gorgeous little notebook bag. Way too pretty to write in.
I hung it on the mirror of the dressing table in my bedroom with one of my other little bags.
Such a sweet little bag with its pink and grey pattern.
Thank you so much Adla.


Today I looked after Lachlan my 5 year old grandson.

Being in Prep (his first year at school) he only goes to school for 4 days a week
for the month of February.
He loves to draw and play with Lego.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


Just a few little stories from my week - all sorts of stories
On the weekend I was helping Hayley (No.2 son’s girlfriend) make a nappy/diaper cake. Hayley knew I made one for Amy’s Baby Shower and could help her do it. Hayley is holding a baby shower for a friend. Her friend is having a little girl but isn’t in to all pink frilly girly stuff so it was hard to come up with an idea for the cake décor

Hayley got some pretty flowers and butterflies. We put some lilac and pink ribbon around the cake as well. It still needs a few more flowers at the back, a couple of more butterflies and probably a little baby ornament on the front of the silver base. Hayley took it home as it in the photo and can finish it off as she has the time.


Thank you Catieann for this award

This award originated from Barb from 123Lavender Lollipop Lane
She says to pass this award on to people that have sparkled your we all know...playing with glitter is contagious...just touch it to your day and it adds glints of light to every facet of your life and spreads throughout your being! No outfit is complete until you add the glitter!

There are so many out there in Blogland that do Sparkle My Day
so I have just selected afew otherwise I will be here forever

Siobhan from Vintage Mosaic Boutique sparkles my day with her beautiful mosaics, her cute son Jake & 2 little dogs.
Gail from Gail & Tony McCormack’s Blog sparkles my day when I look at her beautiful paintings
Mandii from Shabby Vintage Mandii sparkles my day with her lovely blog and family stories
Natasha from Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns sparkles my day with her creativity and her friendliness
Kerryanne from Shabby Art Boutique sparkles my day with her beautiful art work
Shannon from Paint Mine Pink sparkles my day as her blog will always give you a laugh
Deena from Can I be Pretty in Pink sparkles my day with her inner strength during her fight with cancer
Amy from Four Sisters in a Cottage sparkles my day with her lovely nature and her positive attitude in her fight to become a survivor of Breast Cancer
Katrina from Katrina Chambers Little La La sparkles my day with the fun adventures of her 3 little rascals and of course she has fabulous décor ideas for us too.
Mel from Mels Rose Place sparkles my day with family stories and photos of her beautiful home and garden.
Karla from Karlas Cottage sparkles my day with her art and family, especially the sweet little Sugarwings.

So grab the award picture and pass it on to some of those friends
that make your day required number...just pass on that glitter!

My 86 year old Aunt writes off her car and doesn’t tell us.

Here she is with Riley last Boxing Day

On her way home from Boneo market on Saturday she pulled up behind a 4 wheel drive that is turning into a garage/yard sale. Next thing she knows she is hit from behind - twice! The male driver of the 4WD gets out and starts abusing her and she tells him it was the fault of the car behind her. It is pretty disgusting to imagine a grown man abusing an old lady like that. The tow truck driver arranged for his wife to take my Aunt home. Luckily she was not hurt.
I only found out about her accident when Amy Riley and I called in unexpected (that way I can check on her health etc. without her getting ready for a visit). There was no car in her carport but we saw a light on and there she was inside. She said she didn’t want to bother us as we had enough to deal with, with Max’s mother. I told her don’t ever not tell us about these sorts of things again. She is a special part of out family and we love her dearly.

Friday, 15 February 2008



The lovely Laurie from Charming Designs sent me a fabulous bag of buttons.
Look at the sweet envelope she mailed them in.
A Random Act of Kindness
Thank you Laurie.

This looks like Lachlan and Chloe may be teaching Riley all about playing on Grandmas bed.

Looks like lots of laughter is going on

Such fun being a Grandma


Today I met up with Gail
from Gail and Tony McCormack Original Paintings and Furniture for coffee.
Lots of chatter and coffee.
Check out Gail and Tony's website for original paintings and furniture and find out what market they are going to next.

Saturday, 9 February 2008


I actually got some Layouts of the grandchildren done this week.




Not only has my MIL Dot lost her husband (Nov07) now she has lost her beloved sister Meg. Meg has been suffering Parkinson’s disease for quite a few years and in the last 6-12 months had deteriorated to the extent that her husband could no longer care for her. Meg spent the last couple of months in a nursing home. Meg was a wonderful woman and best friend to my mother in law. We will all miss her. On Tuesday we will be going to her funeral to join in the celebration of her life


The lovely Nancy from Fete et Fleur has given me the You Make my Day Award.


A big thank you to Ali from Miss Ali's for making me a gorgeous new banner.

Ali used photos of my roses and my sheet music finds to create the banner.

Such a sweet thing to do.

Monday, 4 February 2008


I have an award from Jeanne at Dream Create Inspire. Thanks Jeanne for the Spread the Love Award. I also received this award from Amy in December. Jeanne said that
"When you receive it you are in turn supposed to award it to someone else. The award is for spreading love, support, and blogginess to those people and blogs that make you happy and in turn, make others want to spread some of that good stuff around too*!* You are to then go to leave them a comment letting them know that you left them a little tidbit on your blog”

I would like to pass this award onto several blog gals – Karen- a Scrapbook of Inspiration, Jenn & Jacqui-the Bowerbirds Nest, Louise Beachy’s Cape Cod Cupboard


Jennalee(Jennifer) from artrageous afternoon for the 7 little known facts
So I will try and do 7 things.
1.I have moved house 7 times in 30 years
2.Love to garden
3.Hate shopping – I know it is so – ungirly!!
4.Love to thrift and browse through junk and antique shops(that’s not real shopping)
5.I have a ToyBoy – Max (my husband)is 11months younger than me but everyone thinks he looks heaps older than me.
6.Too tight to pay $100 for hair colour at a salon so my daughters do it and I only pay $10 on special at the supermarket for my hair colour.
7.Love blogging but probably spend too much time doing it.
Instead of naming people I will pass it on to anyone else that wants to play. So go for it!

I have been tagged for a fun little tag by Michelle from Gingham world. It is about swaps you have done.
1. What was your first swap?My very first swap was a Tussie Mussie Swap run by Maria of The Junk Drawer last August.

2. What has been your favorite swap and why?I don’t think I have a favourite as I have loved being in all of them.
Shannon’s ‘Cotton’n’Candy Swap, Heather’s Paper Dress Swap, Monica’s Deck the Halls Ornament Swap and now Dolly’ My Vintage Heart Swap.
3. What has been your least favorite swap and why?I think my least favourite was the Paper Dress swap but that was because I was so unsure of what direction to take. There were so many different ones out there.

4.What have you tried for the first time as a part of a swap?Making Tussie Mussie’s. I really didn’t know where to begin with that one. Here in Australia our Party Hats are different to the ones I had seen on blogs. They seemed shorter and wider and I don’t think we have the blank cone shapes that you get in USA.
5. What would your fantasy swap be?This is a tough one. I don’t have a fantasy swap choice. I think I just like to try something that I haven’t done before. Probably something that will look shabby chic and girly as I just love the soft colours. I am open to trying most swaps as long as I have the time for it. I just sometimes feel that I may not do a good enough job at it. I think we all doubt our abilities at some time.

I will pass this Tag along to others I know have done Swaps. Shannon, Rachael, Dolly and Catie.


Lachlan 5 started school today. He is going to the school his Mummy, Aunty and Uncles went to.
He thinks that’s pretty cool!
Before leaving home(the flash made shirt look lighter)

Under the school sign

What a big bag.