Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The afternoon sun warms my bedroom on a cool Autumn/Fall day

I love the look of the sun streaming through the window creating sensational shadows

Looking out towards my dining room

Pretty rose on my dressing table

Always have something from the beach in every room.

Stack of books underneath my side table. Great for flicking through when I can't sleep

One of the hearts I made for Amy's wedding

This is another of the hearts I made for Amy's wedding

The candles look so pretty when they are lit

I love the little stack of 4 chandelier shades that sit on my bedside table.
I don't like them on my chandelier but love having them tied together with some ribbon.
I plan on recovering the pink lampshades in something white - one day - maybe!
Max and I both have our initial on our bedside table.
I bought them about 10 years ago and told the kids we put them there so when we are 'really' old we will know which is our side of the bed.

Love sitting on my bed and reading a book or magazine in the afternoon.
So warm in the sun

When I walk in my bedroom this is what I see.
Love my dressing table.

This heart hangs on the wall above the mirror on the dressing table.

Gorgeous reflections in the dressing table mirror.
Love the hearts I made that I used to place down the aisle for Amy's wedding. They look pretty hung on the mirror.I plan on selling them next month. Probably list them on Ebay. I will let you know when I list them just in case you are interested in buying one. I made 10.

Love the shadows from the afternoon sun.
The reflection from the curtain looks great on the ensuite door.

Monday, 20 April 2009



After a rush trip with a 2 day drive each way and 4 days staying with my dad it was good to be home. At nearly 86 my Dad is doing ok - he has cancer that they won't bother to touch - he wouldn't survive the operation. He can't walk very far on his own so uses a walking stick and a walker - even then he can't go far. I guess it is just the cycle of life.
I can't believe that my first baby Melanie turned 32 on Friday.
We went to a restaurant called 'Soy' in Mornington - very yummy.

Here is Melanie pictured with Riley.

Riley kept himself amused watching videos of himself on his Mummy's (Amy) phone. He had nobody to play with as Lachlan and Chloe were with their Dad for the weekend.


Wouldn't you love to be able to just shove your food in your mouth like Riley - maybe just once.
Saturday night we babysat this little treasure as Amy and Ryan went to see Cirque De Soleil.

I think this dirty faced urchin will wonder in years to come how come his Grandma put a girls bib/feeder on him.


Found this insect on my lemon tree on the weekend.

Love the colours of Autumn/Fall

Wednesday, 8 April 2009



A few more wedding photos.
We had a wonderful day celebrating Amy and Ryan's wedding. Only problem was that we couldn't get Rileys dummy/pacifier out of his mouth. I think having all those people (175) around scared him a little. So most photos have him with his dummy in his mouth.

Have to make a trip up to Hervey Bay to see my father. He is not well.
It is a 2000km (1240 miles) drive!!

Be back in a week or so.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


JUST A QUICK POST as it it 3.00am on Sunday morning after Amy and Ryan's wedding.
After a week of horrific rain the sun shone and blue skies came as Amy was walking down the aisle.
Riley and I before the Bridal party arrives

Marnee my niece was a bridesmaid

Melanie my daughter bringing Riley down the aisle - he wouldn't give up that dummy

Max and Amy ready to hit the red carpet aisle.

My 4 kids - Daniel, Amy, Melanie and Michael

Max making a speech and he insisted I come and stand with him

Having fun cutting the cake

Wedding cake made by Ryan's sister Cherie