Wednesday, 28 May 2008



I was lucky enough to receive 2 awards from ‘Rosy’ of Rosy Inspirations.
Thank you.
Go check out her blog it is beauiful. Another Aussie girl with a beautiful garden full of roses and an equally gorgeous ‘shabby chic’ home.
I would like to pass these awards onto Mandii of Shabby Vintage Mandii.
Mandii has a lovely blog sharing her life and her gorgeous makeovers with us.


Just a sneak peek at what I mailed off to Jessi of Scrappy Jessi for the Parasol and Paper Swap that was hosted by Shannon of Paint Mine Pink.

This swap I did a couple of different things and didn’t quite follow the guidelines to the letter.

I hope Jessi likes her goodies

Sunday, 25 May 2008


Annalise from Sugar Sugar has given us another challenge .
This week I am showing some of my favourite tea cups.
This pink pair are just perfect to have you biscuit on the side

Such a pretty Lily of the Valley cup.
I love this gorgeous pair of ‘blue floral’ teacups.
Just the perfect size for an afternoon coffee and a chat with a gal pal.

This lovely pink and gold pair are so pretty.
I know they are not a pair but I just love them together.
I love the detail in the gold

Roses are my all time favourite flower so of course I have a favourite pink rose trio.
Don’t you just love the shade of green in this little pretty.
Two more of my favourite colours and favourite flower in this matching pair of aqua and pink trios with a sweet rose inside the cup.
Thanks Analise for another fun Show and Tell Sunday.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Today was my Lucky Day
Today I was lucky enough two get to deliveries from the Postman.
My first one was from Victoria of Vintage Tea. Victoria had a Tag Giveaway and I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous tag.
Thanks Victoria

My second parcel came from
Kerryanne of Shabby Art Boutique.
Kerryanne was having a 50th Post Giveaway.
Lucky for me Gypsy picked my name.
Look how beautifully the parcel was wrapped.

Inside was Kerryanne's wonderful book

' Shabby Doodles' full of fabulous designs.
She was also sweet enough to include some extras.

There was a sweet smelling bag of potpourri - another organza bag held some embellishments including ribbon, rhinestones & metallic cord.

Look at the pretty bunch of roses wrapped in a little paper doiley.
There was also 2 packets of blank cards and some envelopes to get me going on creating with some of the designs from Kerryanne's book.
Thank you Kerryanne

Friday, 16 May 2008

WHAT A WEEK – Thank goodness for this mornings sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

I love the way the sun comes through onto this table

I love the shadows it creates.
Mother’s Day was great BUT THEN……..

Monday Melanie my daughter – separated, single Mum is sick. 7 am the phone rings “Are you free today???” Of course I say – yes. So I go around and get her kids organised, fed. The 5yo ready for school and the 4yo dressed. So off to school we go. Little Miss 4yo has ballet at 11, so Grandma goes off to ballet class. Then school is over and it is back home for the kids.

Tuesday morning back again to get them ready for school and crèche. Off we go and I drop them off. Then back to pick them up and they are having a sleepover as their Mummy is still feeling sick.

Wednesday morning I drop them back home at 7.45am for their Mummy to take them to school and crèche. I have to drop them off early as I have to pick up grandchild Number 3 – 6 month old Riley as his Mummy is working. Home again with Riley for the day. All the family comes for dinner and Riley and his Mum stay over.

Thursday babysitting Riley again and dropping him off to his Mummy at 5.15pm.

Whoa….. what a busy few days it has been.
Yesterday (Thursday) I just had to do something for me……
While Riley was napping ( he is such a wriggler and I never know what position he will end up in)I started doing the Seaside piece.

It measures 8 inches by 10 inches. I used sheet music for the back and a page from a childrens book over that.
I have had these buttons from Laurie of Charming Designs since February and I finally had the chance to use some
I used black glitter for the flowers on the hat and corner, outlined the bow on one little sweetie and the boat in the other ones hand. Then I put red glitter on the bow and doll of the little one in the apron
I love their sweet faces

Sunday, 11 May 2008


Wishing all you Mother's out in
Blogland a Happy Mother's Day.

This morning I picked these gorgeous Iceberg Roses
to put in the entry for the family to
see as they came for lunch today.

We had a wonderful fun filled family day
and I hope all you other Mums had a fabulous day as well.

Monday, 5 May 2008



Well the MIL’s Garage/Yard Sale went quite well.

She made a profit of about $600 so that wasn’t too bad.

I managed to pick up a few little things for myself.

Much to Max’s disgust this pink hat was one of the things I got – he just looked at me and shook his head in disbelief

A little cream stool, a pretty pink tulle hat, scrabble letters, 3 of the same pretty pale blue trays with puppies on them. a sweet pink embroidered bag I thought Chloe would love and also a green vase that was given to my MIL as a wedding gift


60 Years ago my mother and Aunt had a double wedding. May 8th is the Anniversary.

My mother is the bride on the left and my Aunt Rachel on the right. My Aunt Nancy that I have written about before is the bridesmaid seated on the right

My Aunt and Uncle had a wonderful afternoon party to celebrate the day. Sadly my mother passed away 15 years ago. It was really a difficult celebration to attend as it reminds me of what I have lost. They played a DVD of photos of the wedding and all of the wonderful family times that were had over the years. It was really hard to watch my mother up there on the huge screen; so many a tear was shed.


Today is my sister-in-law Judy’s birthday.

My bother Greg and Judy have been living in Singapore for about 7 years.

Greg is working for an airline and Judy is a volunteer at a school for handicapped children.

Friday, 2 May 2008


Arte y Pico Award

With all that’s been happening here (babysitting and sickies) I forgot to post about this wonderful reward I received from Deb of Posted from Home. Thank you so much Deb. She has a delightful blog showing us some fabulous garden photos and some yummy recipes too. There is always some wildlife hanging around her home.You are meant to pass this award onto 5 people but I will have to do that on a later post


My mother-in-law is having a Garage/Yard sale tomorrow so we are off this afternoon to help her set up. We have already helped her sort out most of her goodies in readiness.So any of you girls out there from Victoria, Australia if you happen to be in the Sale area tomorrow then pop on into the little town of Wurruk (just before you get into Sale) and follow the signs. Bring the hubby too as there will be lots of tools and things for them.

Hope you enjoyed the Toy party in the post below.
It was a fun event hosted by Jessi of Scrappy Jessi

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 1 May 2008


The Doll's have already started their Tea Party.

Jessi from Scrappy Jessi is hosting a Favourite Childhood Toy party.

I have some dolls from my childhood .
One of my favourites was this sweet hand knitted golliwog. This remember was a time when ‘Politically Correct or Incorrect’ had never been heard of. Sanna was just my beloved little golliwog to me so I hope she is not offensive to anyone. She was knitted by my Grandmother’s sister, Aunty Jude. She was a bit of a rebel in my eyes as she used to dye her hair all sorts of colours. Every colour of the rainbow over the years. So unusual for the time.
These next 3 dolls have a special meaning too. They have all had clothes knitted for them by my Aunt Nancy about 10 years ago.
The doll dressed in pink belonged to my 86 yo Aunt Nancy when she was a child. Whenever I visited her I was always allowed to play with her as I was always aware of how special she was. She is a celluloid doll. Nancy gave me this doll about 15 years ago.
The sweet little black doll in the blue suit was also Nancy’s childhood doll.
The gorgeous big black baby doll was given to me by my mother for Christmas when I was about 8. She was then dressed in a beautiful pale blue velvet full length baby suit with blue lace down beside the front zip. Sadly I don’t know what happened to her outfit.

This beautiful little girl’s china teaset was also given to me by Nancy. It belonged to my Grandmothers youngest sister named Flo who was killed in a motor scooter accident when she was 18yo. It was handed onto Nancy as a child. It is also something I played with as a child. It was very battered and well repaired way before my time but I still treasure it. I guess it must be about 80 years old

Enjoy the party