Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Another fun Waterside Wednesday
Remember to check on Barbara Jacksier's blog to see who is posting for this weeks Waterside Wednesday
Yesterday we did a 7.5km (4.6miles) return walk from Crib Point to Hastings - the walk is called the Bittern Coastal Wetlands Boardwalk.
You start off on a track that then takes you onto a boardwalk

The area comprises of a lot of mangroves and mudflats.

It is on the shoreline of Westernport Bay where you can see many different birds -Spoonbills, Ibis, pelicans,red necked stints and many more
It was a beautiful sunny Spring Day

The boardwalk and track

So many colours in and around the water

It was a great way to spend 1 hour 20 minutes of our day.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Today is my 55th Birthday - where have those years gone.
I guess when I look at my four kids ranging from 26 to 32 I can see where it went.
When I see the 3 gorgeous grandkids nearly 2 year old Riley, 5 year old Chloe and 7 year old Lachlan I reaslise how lucky I am to have been around long enough to have such a wonderful life.
So enough of the soppy stuff, let's get on with the give away

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and the gifts below could be yours

A hanging heart - Until you Fall in Love

Some gorgeous Cath Kidston Soaps and Bath Melts

and one of my favourite things - Sea Glass.

So leave a comment below to be in the draw.
I will do the draw on Friday 2nd October (Australian time)

Look what Max bought me for my Birthday.
A beautiful original painting by Gail McCormack
I love Iceberg Roses and of course anything beachy.
So this is the perfect gift.
Especially when you have no idea it is coming your way

Check Gail's blog and her website - Originals by Gail & Tony McCormack to see more of Gail's and Tony's fabulous items. A very talented pair.

photo from Gail McCormack

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

23rd September Waterside Wednesday

School holidays here for us usually mean a few babysitting days. Lachlan and Chloe came and had a few sleepovers with us. Of course we went to the beach - they took a bag each to pick up special stones, shells and sea glass.

Here they are walking along our poor beach that with so much sand lost during the rough weather that we have this yucky black sandy stuff there as well.
The loved posing for a photo on these rocks

Had fun writing their names in the sand

Hope everyone is enjoying Waterside Wednesday that Barbara Jacksier is hosting on her blog.
Go check out who has joined in this week

Don't forget to come back on Saturday to enter
the Giveway I am having to celebrate my birthday

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Mixed Media Journal.

I love the red covers - using a vintage book
There are 21 pages - some collaged

Some painted

Some stamped
If you are interested just check my website and look under the Journal category

Waterside Wednesday tomorrow so come back and see some more beach shots

Come back Saturday too, as I am having a giveaway for my Birthday

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


On Friday we went for a short walk on the Farnsworth Track at Portsea.
It is a 3km (1.86 Miles) round trip.

We started at Portsea Ocean Beach and walked to a rock
formation called London Bridge and back again.
There were lots of butterflies and we even saw an echidna
hiding itself away when it heard us on the track.

18th September.
Click here to learn more on the echidna

You can either walk along the beach one way and then the Farnsworth Track
the other way but as the tide was in we went on the track both ways.

Farnsworth Track winds its way through the sand dunes
which makes it quite protected

There are also areas on the track that have up to 40+ steps to climb.
Lots of steps and track going up and down so a good little workout for the legs

You get great views of both Port Philliip Bay and Bass Strait at the highest point

This was the halfway point - London Bridge.

Once again check Barbara Jacksier's Blog for links
to those participating in Waterside Wednesday

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Balcombe Creek Mount Martha
Barbara Jacksier is hosting another Waterside Wednesday
Have a look at Barbara's blog and check out everyone's post
This week I have done a post on the creek near my local beach
Balcombe Creek
This creek has a fabulous boardwalk that goes about 3.5km (2.2miles),
so makes for a great walk. Balcombe Creek flows for nearly three kilometres through riverbank bush and widens into a tidal estuary before entering the bay at Mt. Martha beach. The natural opening and closing of the mouth allows salt water to enter the estuary and is an important feature of the system.
Balcombe Creek is such a beautiful and peaceful area

This coastal estuary and wetland contain dense remnant Melaleuca swamps and other flora and fauna of very high local and regional significance.

Looking from the Creek under the road towards the beach
We walked under the road to the beach

Looking back to the creek from the beach

Another babysitting day so we made sure Riley held Max's hand as there
was quite a drop from the sand down to the water
This is the creek flowing through to the beach
You can see here how the sand has eroded with the wild Winter weather we have had.

It will be interesting to see how the beach recovers from our harsh Winter

Riley loved throwing rocks into the water so Max kept a firm hold of his little hand

Monday, 7 September 2009


Mary from Little Red House is hosting Mosaic Monday.
My contribution to Mosaic Monday is
On The Beach

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


For this weeks Waterside Wednesday my post shows what was washed up on the beach during our recent rough weather.
Go to Barbara Jacksier's blog and see some more posts on Waterside Wednesday
Check out the water rushing under the beach huts.

To get some photos Max and I were running along the beach dodging the waves

This one shows Max standing up on some steps waiting for the water to flow back

See the ramp here, that is where I jumped up to to sit and wait for the water to go back

Here are my feet dangling off the ramp where I was trying to get a photo of the big fish and got swamped

Lots of seaweed

Driftwood and seaweed

Lots of froth on the water and sand

Lots of froth seaweed and black sand
Jelly fish

Jelly fish

This starfish is starting to 'curl up its toes'

Just look at this rubbish - plastic bottles,candy wrappers, plastic bags.
People need to think before they throw something in the gutter or water as it usually ends up on the beach and endangers our sealife