Thursday, 31 January 2008


I have sent off my parcel for the My Vintage Heart swap
organised by Dolly from My Cherry Heart
Hopefully Missy from will have it by next week and I will
then post some other photos of the goodies I sent to her.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks at what I sent to her


I was lucky enough to be a winner in Laura and Linda of Lilly Cottage’s giveaway.
Here is my box of goodies.

I was lucky enough to win a lavender shoe, a heart, a cupcake hanging, a gorgeous shabby bird to hang, a birds nest pincushion, some beautiful glasses by Laura and a pretty wrist cuff


Where has the time gone. Yesterday my youngest child turned 25.
On Monday we had a BBQ lunch for his birthday at his and his girlfriends house.
The first family get together at their own home.

Too hot outside to be standing around singing, so it was into the kitchen.
Chloe and Lachlan joined in the singing of Happy Birthday to Michael


Child Number 3 – not really a child he’s 27 next month and last night or should I say
early this morning 00.45am Daniel and Candice his girlfriend went off on holidays to Thailand. Max and I drove them to the airport. They will be home again on 12th February

As a Mum I will be happy to see them arrive
home safe and sound at 9.20pm on 12th February.

Sunday, 27 January 2008



Riley Lachlan and Chloe were the hits of the party.
Here is a photo of Riley just waiting to go to the party

(sorry about the red eye - fix up, couldn't do it properly)

His Mum and Dad(Amy & Ryan) were lucky enough to be going with him.
"Oh Grandma what are they doing to me???"

Riley is laughing as the crowd cheers as he get ready for his stroll down the red carpet
On entering the party there were his cousins Lachlan and Chloe (someone is having a little sook in her pretty dress)with their Mum Melanie and her friend Brett.
The 21st Birthday Hollywood Glamour Party was a fun night enjoyed by family and friends.

Thursday, 24 January 2008


While I was hanging out my washing on Tuesday I thought how pretty my favourite Pierre De Ronsard Rose was. It is a bit lost to everyone else as I am the only one that hangs out the washing. It is such a pretty climber going over two arches against the fence. Still it makes me smile as I hang out the washing

I thought I would take a couple of photos then come in and get my secateurs and cut some to take inside. As usual something distracted me – who knows what it was I can’t remember.

Love this little statue near my clothes line as well
So to cut a long story short I picked some today and put them in my favourite spot. I see them every time I come out of my bedroom, through the front door or go into my lounge room.

Amy thought 3 month old Riley needed something cute for the Hollywood Glamour 21st Party on Saturday night. Of course she wasn’t doing it, I was. Had to put my thinking cap on for that one.
So I bought a little long sleeve legless suit (I think you girls in the good old USA call them onesies!!)I made a little bow tie out of some ribbon and attached it just below the neckline, then added some little black buttons.
It still looks like it needs something and I was thinking about adding black ribbon like this! What do you think? Only trouble is it won’t stretch once I add it. I guess he only has to wear it for one night so it doesn’t really matter. After the party I can just take it all off and he can wear the suit. All he needs now is a little pair of black pants and socks. Too cute.

Monday, 21 January 2008


Well, well, how strange.
The last child has left the nest.
Seems strange…..
NQR ..not quite right…………….
Michael and his girlfriend Hayley have moved in together.

I have been tagged by DebraK The Bunnies Bungalow with a 5 things meme.
Here are the rules.Link to the tagger and post these rules on your blog. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I have to have the radio on when I am going to sleep
2. I once did a basketball coaching course and coached a school basketball team
3. I love Shabby Chic – oh yeh you would already know that
4. I love to watch the sunrise and sunset
5. I am the 3rd of 4 children in my family

I’m tagging
Laura, katydiddys
Katrina, Katrina Chambers

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


and being his Grandma I have to agree!
One of my son's girlfriend is having her 21st Birthday party on 26th January and the theme is Hollywood Glamour!
This is what Lachlan will be wearing.
He was trying it on in my bedroom and looking at himself in the dressing table mirror.

Of course Miss Chloe had to get in on the action.
What better place to be than jumping around on Grandmas bed and checking yourself out in the mirror.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008



Melanie and Amy gave me this photo at Christmas time.
How hard is it to get a decent photo with Father Christmas??
Melanie and Amy took the kids to get a photo with Father Christmas. Trying to get 3 little faces right in the one shot never happened. They said this was the best they could get.
Lachlan is standing there looking ok.
Riley is laying back like a little old man.
As for Chloe I don’t know what’s going on with that little mouth and mind of hers.
It looks like it’s the last place she wants to be sitting.


I forgot to post a photo of the beautiful Cake Plate/dome that I got for Christmas.
I just love the butterfly on the top and the garland of roses around the side. This first photo was taken on the 12th of Jan and the roses were put in water with sugar and a splash of bleach.
This second photo was taken today (15th ) to show the lovely base of the cake stand and the roses have now been there for 3 days.
So it looks like the sugar and bleach may be the way to go.

Friday, 11 January 2008


Sit back with your cup or glass of preferred beverage and have a read.
for giving me the You Make my Day Award.
The award rules are to
“Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on.
I will pass this award on to Gail from Originals by Gail & Tony McCormack, Shannon from Paint Mine Pink, Siobhan from Vintage Mosaics ,Natasha from Artistic Creations by Natasha Burns ,Kim from Daisy Cottage ,Mel from Mels Rose Place ,Karin from creative chaos, Karla from Karla’s Cottage and Deena from Can I be Pretty in Pink


When is a chandelier not a chandelier??
When it looks like this!

I have this light fitting in my bathroom. When I bought it I got a couple as they were on sale and I thought I might use them somewhere.
So… I was thinking I would put it outside in the new pergola!!!!

I also bought some of these cute little paper lanterns. I have 4 pale pink and 4 white/pink/green ones. They are run by a couple of AAA batteries. I thought that I could just hang them up when I want to entertain and that way they will stay in good condition

Love these photos that
Max took of Lachlan and Chloe on Tuesday night.
Walking on the beach at Mt Martha
Walking on the jetty at Balcombe Creek

It is always fun having them stay over

Now I will have to get creative as Dolly has sent us our partners details.
My partner is Missy of ablissfulmama.
It is going to be so much fun

Our guidelines are~
1. fill a container with heart goodies keep the color scheme pink, red and white
2. include at least one vintage heart item
3. all of the items have to be heart shaped or have hearts on them!
4. make sure your partner receives their goodies before valentines day February 14th!
5. Most importantly Have Fun!!!!

Amy from Crafting by Candlelight has given me the Spread the Love Award.
She gave me this award for being such a devoted reader and always leaving her supportive comments
How sweet – thanks Amy.
I would like to give this award to all of my readers and blog friends but to these people in particular: Rachael The Rose Room, Joy from the joy of my life and work, Christi of altered ambitions, Laura from katydiddys, Sarah from joy for the journey.
So any of you girls out there that would like to have and pass this award along then please do.
Thank you to everyone for their advice on prolonging the life of my rose blooms. I will eventually try them all

Sunday, 6 January 2008



Love these Pierre de Ronsard Roses that I picked the other day. Such a lovely colour and sweet scent. They look oh so pretty on this little table next to the photo of my girls

Only problem is after only 3 days they are already wilting. I know it has been really hot here but I still thought they would last longer Anyone have any clues on making them last longer in the vase. I have been changing the water daily.

I WON A GIVEAWAY FROM Heather of Jeweled Elegance.

Look at these beautifully wrapped gifts.

Inside were 2 gorgeous crocheted flower brooches, a pair of pretty earrings and a Mini Scrapbook kit. See the lovely card she wrote on too!
I am so lucky. Thanks Heather.

TAGGED by Natasha
I have been tagged by Natasha to list 10 weird or interesting things about myself.
Gee thanks Natasha that’s a hard one.

1. I am a mother of 4 children AND am still sane. Well I think I am.
2. I used to sell Tupperware.
3. I was a Telemarketer – thankfully not one that annoyed people at home (I rang businesses).
4. I am scared of heights – because as a child my father and siblings left me in the middle of a swing bridge and had it swinging. As a little girl clinging on I thought I was going to fall – it felt a bit like Donkey in the Shrek movie going across to the castle.
5. I spend way too much time in Blogland – I have 186 blogs listed in Google Reader and more waiting to be added.
6. I remember way back when I worked as a Bank Teller and people could line up at the teller they wanted to serve them instead of joining the one line. It was fun to have the longest queue waiting to be served by you. Some dear little oldies would refuse to be served by anyone other than me-so sweet
7. I love Shabby Chic and my husband Max doesn’t. I am now working on getting the kitchen/family room turned into shabby chic. I want to at least paint my table and TV cabinet white(see ironing photo in post below). Just have to convince Max or just do it while he’s at work.
8. I love living on the Mornington Peninsula. Check out this tourism site. There are so many special places to visit.
9. I like cats but it creeps me out when I pick them up and can feel their ribs
10. It is 15 years since my Mum passed away but I still tear up when I hear the music that was played at her funeral.

I will pass this onto Mandii of Shabby Vintage Mandii. Some of you will know Mandii from Ebay - Shabby Vintage Dreams

Wednesday, 2 January 2008



I really hate ironing.
What do you do to pass the time while ironing???
I set up my ironing board (wedding present nearly 32 years ago) in the family room and watch TV. Today the cricket is on and Australia is playing against India.
I know, I know there are still christmas decorations on the kitchen table.

This is what Max and Michael have been doing.
Great teamwork by Father and Son.

On 23rd December they put up the framework.
Max in the white tshirt
Michael in the blue tshirt
After a few busy days – Christmas Eve - Family Dinner
Christmas Day – Lunch with Max’s sister
Boxing day visiting my brother – 3 hour drive away
Thursday Friday helping Max’s Mum
Saturday a little more Framework
Sunday Max at work then little more framework
and purchasing of roofing.

Monday finish it off.
I certainly wouldn't be up on the roof like Max
We are really pleased with the finished thing.
Now the fun will begin.
How do I want to decorate out there??
I did suggest a chandelier but Max just looked at me and shook his head.
We’ll see. I have to put on my thinking cap now.

My sister Susan and her husband John came to stay and spend New Years Eve with us.
It was a great few days we spent together.
Drinking, laughing, eating, talking and just enjoying spending time together.
While my sister was here we went to visit our 86 year old Aunt Nancy. She lives about a 20 minute drive from me and I see her weekly but my sister only sees her about 6 times a year. Nancy has been like a second mother to my sister and I since our own mother passed away 15 years ago.

Here is a photo taken on Christmas Eve of my Aunt with Riley.
While Susan was here I gave her a collage I made especially for her.
She sews costumes for a couple of Dance Schools and is always so busy with it all.
Her sewing room is always in disarray, with fabrics, pattern pieces, sequins and costumes everywhere. I have told her you have to have chaos to be able to create.
Funny how husbands don’t understand this part of creating.
The lace skirt on the top right costume is made from lace that was on her first childs bassinet. That baby is now a 37 year old man. I thought it would have sentimental value to her as due to circumstances she has no control over she has not seen him for over 5 years( when he reconciled with his wife it was conditional upon having no contact with his family – sad but true).