Sunday, 31 January 2010


My youngest Michael had his 27th Birthday on Saturday and for the first time in his life we never got to see him on his birthday
He has joined the Army Reserve and is away at camp training for 28 days.
Looking forward to seeing him at March Out in a couple of weeks time

Thanks to Michael and his partner Chantelle, Max and I celebrated Michaels birthday with a night away at Morning Star Estate in Mt Eliza
They gave us a night away with accommodation, 3 course dinner and a full breakfast at Morning Star Estate as a thank you for letting them come home to live while their house was being built last year. Such a sweet thing to do
This photo shows the Private Residence there

The gardens are beautiful
Fabulous roses and box hedging

You can see Port Phillip Bay in the background

I wouldn't want to have to do the gardening here - so many roses to keep in shape

To the left is Mornington Golf Course - great views from that course
Click on the link to the golf course to check it out

Such a beautiful and shaded rose covered archway

We spent quite a bit of time wandering through the garden

The restaurant and accommodation is in the background of this photo

These steps lead up to the water feature

This was the beautiful view we had from our breakfast table this morning
We really ejoyed our overnight break away

Friday, 22 January 2010

DAY 12

Day 12 of being sick.
I am so sick of being sick. Just a couple of days after getting home from visiting my Dad I got sick. Temperature of 39.8 (103.6), body aches, the shakes, coughing, vomitting, blah, blah, blah. After a week I thought I'd better go to the Doctor. He says it's the flu and gave me antibiotics. Whatever flu it is, it has surely knocked me around. I am finding it really hard to concentrate on much and even find it difficult to go around blog hopping.

Got to sit on the couch holding hands with this little treasure on Wednesday.

Riley loves to have you hold his hand when he is tired and
sometimes you have to hold a foot too!

He had some fun building a house on the deck outside.

He even has a couple of toolboxes and knows the names of all the tools


I have got together a few bits and pieces to play with in the next few days. Hopefully I will be up to doing a bit of embroidery and finally do something creative.

Some vintage sequins amongst the treasures too

A few different types of threads

Gorgeous vintage glass and pearl buttons

Love these threads and buttons

A bit of linen, some vintage trims, buttons and various threads. At least it will be something I can just pick up and do 5minutes here and there on it.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Sorry but I have now put comment moderation on my blog.
I have been getting so, so many spam comments that I think it is the only thing to do.
Hopefully I have done it the right way and now I have to approve all comments.
Thanks for your understanding

Monday, 11 January 2010


Drove to Hervey Bay to see my father over the christmas break. It was 1995 kms (1293 miles) to his house. Quite a drive. My sister and her husband came with us.
My father is 86 years old and the doctors say that his body is slowly shutting down.
He was quite well when we got there which was great to see.
As it is Summer here the weather was supposed to be warm - not so in Queensland.
I think it rained nearly every day we were at my fathers.
We went to Mount Tamborine along the way where there is an area called Gallery Walk.
We went there a few years ago and I was looking forward to showing my sister how good it was. I must say I was a little disappointed this time as there were not as many good Galleries and Craft shops as before. Lots of coffee shops and restaurants so of course we had to have a coffee.

We went to Dundowran Beach where Max and I had a great walk.

Max took this shot - he's getting quite artisitic
Sometimes he is the one to say grab the camera in case we see something for the blog

I took this one looking through the roots of a tree on the foreshore

The highlight of my trip (also the sunniest day)was calling in on our drive home to see Cathy Penton at her and Angela's shop Simple Things Small Joys at 10522 New England Highway Highfields - open Thursday to Sunday 9-00 til 4.30pm
The shop is in a great little craft village called Abbie Lane. The first shop you see is a relocated converted church. Cathy and Angela's shop is in a little group of 5 shops behind the Church.
Anyone heading that way - make sure you call in, believe me you won't be disappointed
Here is a photo of Cathy, her gorgeous daughter Kirstie and I.
Max quickly snapped this one (with Cathy's permission of course)

The shop looks fabulous. Click on the photos to enlarge them and get a better look.

This display table looks great

These HOME charms are in the table above.
Hard to see with the reflection of the overhead light fitting in the shot

I think I could just about live in this shop - it is just sensational

Couldn't leave without adding to my charm collection
Had to get a couple of A's for Alison, a sweet oval You/Me and I just love this bevelled glass beauty
Just check out the glass - love it

This is the reverse side of the charms
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with their family and loved ones.