Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Hi everybody! My name is Jenn and I am a writer for Arcadian Home Decor, which is an e-commerce website that specializes in top home decor ideas and trends from around the world. I have a little folder where I stash interior design ideas I love - I cut them out of magazines and print them off of blogs, and one of my favourite places to find inspiration is Alison Gibbs - even though we live in separate countries located on opposite ends of the globe, I think Alison and I were cut from the same cloth. I'm excited to be guest posting here today - thanks Alison!

There is something so pretty and charming about shabby gorgeous spaces. Shabby chic styles make use of antiques, soft colour palettes, and simple home decorplans to create truly harmonious rooms throughout a home. From kitchens to bedrooms and everywhere in-between, here are eight shabby gorgeous spaces.

A bit of elegance

Shabby Chic Spaces

A dining room with whites, bench seating, crystal chandeliers, and open slat ceilings come together to create a place of serenity.

A dash of colour

Shabby Chic Spaces

This shabby gorgeous space is monochromatic but has punches of colour, with a hot pink area rug and chair.

Rustic flair

Shabby Chic Spaces

A room with raw power is shown here - aged stone walls and tarnished silverware as table decor look decidedly modernized with the ornate light fixture overhead.

Boutique chic

Shabby Chic Spaces

The massive windows provide picturesque views while indoors, the white furniture and cement ceiling are a stylish space in which to take in such scenery.

Shabby guest house

Shabby Chic Spaces

What's more inviting than this open-concept multi-level guest room with whitewashed accents, breezy fabrics, and loads of fresh flowers?

Luxe for little girls

Shabby Chic Spaces

This shabby gorgeous space is outfitted for a young girl - the daybed features a hideaway bed for slumber parties, while the sophisticated cream-coloured palette fosters a soothing yet luxurious bedroom.

Industrial panache

Shabby Chic Spaces

There's no shortage of stunning materials in this kitchen, from stone to wood and cement to stainless steel, all meshing seamlessly in this shabby gorgeous space.

Va-va-va-voom vignette

Shabby Chic Spaces

A dresser looks stately topped with antique home accessories and storage underneath with quilts and baskets - the rectangular mirror also helps to elongate the space.


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Katrina said...

Absolutely adorable images!

Karin said...

I want that dining room!! All gorgeous....

Anonymous said...

Nice images! Between my husband, son, and dog, rooms don't stay white for long. At least I can visit photos though,lol.