Monday, 15 December 2008



Nothing like an early morning (5.45am) walk on the beach to clear the head.
How lovely it looked on Friday.

Max was doing a 2km swim while I walked from one end of the beach to the other
doing some thinking

Thursday afternoon I got a call to say that the Doctors and Social Workers at my Dad’s rehab centre wanted a meeting with the family as they have found a mass attached to his kidney that they think is cancer. Why it was not found in his 8 weeks at the Melbourne Private Hospital when they were doing test after test astounds me.
The Doctors believe he is too frail and his veins are in bad shape and full of clots and they believe it is too risky to operate or even take a biopsy. They think he would probably bleed to death on the operating table. He can only walk assisted for15 metres with a walking frame. He has also lost a huge amount of weight that we were told was more than likely another sign that it is cancer. They don’t believe that even with improving his diet that his frailty will improve. My father has decided that he wants to go back to Hervey Bay in Queensland (over 2 hours away by plane) where he has lived for the last 7 years, leaving all family behind. That is difficult for my sister and I to deal with. He only has our step mother there, so all of the nursing of him will be left with her to deal with. Tomorrow my sister and I will go to the rehab centre – 2 hours drive away and see how he is doing. Maybe it has been decided if and when he will be able to fly home

Now who can tell me what this is?

Someone told me it is jellyfish eggs!!

Are they telling me the truth or am I just gullible

Mount Martha beach is a fabulous place to walk and sort out your thoughts.

Friday, 5 December 2008


Wow what treasures Mandy sent to me.

Such a pretty stocking filled with some gorgeous treasures.
Look at the pretty little chandelier, 2 gorgeous French themed magnets, a stamp, 2 yummy smelling soaps, a lovely canvas print, a crocheted doily and 2 magazines.

Blogger keeps turning this picture around!!!!
Click on the photos to enlarge them - maybe then turn this one around
I didn’t want to open them as they looked so pretty.


Here is the Vintage Christmas Stocking and goodies I sent to Mandy – Pearl Maple. I have followed a beach theme with the decorations that are with Mandy’s stocking – even a couple with an Aussie theme to give her a laugh. I made the Vintage Christmas Stocking from my Grandma’s Vintage Damask Table cloth – it must be about 90 years old, I also used vintage chenille from my childhood bedspread – not quite 90 years old but probably 40 years old. I trimmed it with shell from a necklace and some little beads. I got Max to cut out some dolphin, beach hut and fish shapes for me to paint and glitter. I love how they turned out and did some for myself too.
Click on the photo to see the Santa's and stocking in more detail

How cute are these thongs/flip flop decorations. I so love these beach Santa’s, especially the Santa under the tree.. The shell decoration is so soft and pretty. Mandy has lovely white and cream throughout her home so I tried to keep things in her colour range - hope she liked them


He has finally been sent to a rehab centre – still can’t stand or walk so he has some work to do. Only problem is it is a 2 hour drive away so I will probably only be able to visit once a week or a fortnight.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my Dad.