Friday, 29 August 2008

AQUA Shades of Inspiration


Aqua is this weeks colour for Shades of Inspiration
How lucky that I have toys for Riley, because without them I have hardly any aqua!!

There is a cute little lamb on this aqua block and inside the little train is an aqua giraffe. The train also has a little aqua leaf shape.

Here is Rileys Lion Walker. It has aqua wheels and a little aqua butterfly. He walks around with this all the time. Sometimes he likes to hold the handle with one hand and have me hold his other hand. He is a little cutie – but as his Grandma I may be a little biased!!LOL

This little sequinned handbag is really meant to be a christmas decoration but I love it hanging on this little cupboard doorknob

Of course I had to show you my beautiful aqua cup/saucer/plate.

Now how cute is the aqua crepe paper ruffle on this lovely Tussie Mussie that I got from Jo of oldflowers4me

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Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Sunday, 24 August 2008


Looks like I have a few rusty garden things at my home

This well loved and much used garden rake shows some fabulous signs of rust

Love this close up shot of the rake end

Imagine the damage Edward Scissorhands could have done with these rusted treasures

Door hinge into garage

Friday, 22 August 2008



More rust for this weeks colour for Shades of Inspiration

Such a well used wheel barrow.
I hate to think how many metres/yards of concrete it has carted and it has been fabulous for soil and mulch.

Love the spots where huge chunks of paint have fallen off the bottom of the wheelbarrow to reveal the rust

Love the way the rusty paint is flaking on this chair. I have been tempted to scrape it off and repaint it but I just love the look of the rust

Love the mottled, layered look on this chair

Matching set - well weathered chair and market umbrella stand.

This rusted arch holds my beautiful Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose. So battered and rusted, now broken during some strong winter winds. Might need to do a bit of repair work on it before Spring starts on 1st September

Fabulous looking rusted screw from my arch

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When Max went to the physio on Saturday they thought that because of the lack of mobility in his shoulder and being unable to lift the arm that the tendon was torn from the bone. So after a visit to the Doctor Monday for a referral for an ultra sound that was done Tuesday, he went back to the physio last night and it was found to be nothing more than a large pocket of fluid.

He is one lucky man.
So out of the fall he gets a new training bike, helmet, bike clothes (at the hospital they cut his other ones off him- mind you he has 3 other sets) a bucket load of sympathy and thankfully just some exercises to do. He was so happy to hear that all it was, was fluid.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008



This weeks colour for Shades of Inspiration is RUST

This laundry basket trolley is 30 years old and is always outside
so I am amazed that there isn’t more rust.

Even the screw on the trolley is ‘nicely rusted’.

Love the way this plant hanger on my garden shed is so rusty

This pot plant stand also has a ‘touch of rust’

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Monday, 11 August 2008



Thank you for entering my 1st Bloggy Birthday Giveaway.

As you can see by the photo the winner is Number 50 – Amy from A Mother Singing

You may need to click on photo to enlarge it to read the number

Amy can you please email me with your address so as I can mail off your goodies in the photo below

Tomorrow morning we are off on a 3 hour drive to meet up with Max’s Mother and sisters to scatter the ashes of his father Stan who passed away after a battle with cancer on
28th November 2007.
Tomorrow, 12th August would have been Stan’s 80th Birthday

Thursday, 7 August 2008



Well I struggled to find pale blue and brown together in my home.

Some pale blue and brown brads.

Pretty soft pale blue feathers on brown leather – mm… an interesting combination

Thanks to everyone for checking in on Riley. He went to the Doctor again on Monday evening and his ears are clearing but he still has a bit of a cough. All in all he is doing much better.

Monday evening we had Lachlan and Chloe sleepover. In the morning I took them to school and crèche. In the afternoon I picked them up again and they had some fun making cupcakes. Mmmm….. yummy

More fun for the Gibbs Family!!! Not really

Yesterday morning super fit Max my hubby left home on his bike at 5.20 am to cycle the 40 something kilometres to work. At 6 am my mobile phone rings showing me Max’s mobile number. When I answered it wasn’t Max but some other guy telling me that Max had had an accident and come off his bike after coming down a steep road (Olivers Hill,Frankston) been unconscious an ambulance was called and to meet him at Frankston Hospital. His bike is wrecked, his helmet wrecked but after xrays etc he was cleared with only deep tissue bruising, grazes etc. Amazing really considereing he was doing about 60 kilometres an hour coming down that hill.The angels were certainly looking out for him yesterday morning.

Just look at that broken and bent bike frame

This morning was another story.vomitting and dizziness had him back in hospital for neck and brain scans. Well it took us 6 hours to find out there was nothing wrong and it was just due to concussion. Oh what a few days!!!

The lovely flowers in the post below were a gift from Riley – well that’s what the card said but I think his Mummy bought them.
They were a Thank You for looking after him when he was sick. How Sweet.

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Monday, 4 August 2008


~~~~~~~ ONE YEAR ~~~~~~~

I can’t believe I have had this blog for a year.
When I first started blogging I wasn’t sure where it would lead me.
I had hoped to be a little more creative this year but this past year has been swamped with family events, that you have all read about.
Maybe the next twelve months will see me getting a bit more time to create and play.

Bit scary to think how many hours I must have sat at the computer for this past year – best not think about that!!

It has been such fun getting to know you all. There are so many sweet people out there in ‘Blogland’ and I thank you all for visiting and sharing in my life.
It has been fabulous to share in your lives, be it a sad or happy time – it has been a pleasure.
Thank you all for sharing your art with us – so inspirational.

As it is my One Year Bloggy Birthday I am having a Giveaway.
To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post and I will draw a winner on Monday 11th August (Australian time).

These are the gifts you will receive
Don’t forget to enter you just leave a comment on this post.
You may need to click on the photo to enlarge it to see the gifts clearly, this winter light is terrible for trying to take photos or maybe I am just having a ‘bad camera day’