Thursday, 29 November 2007


Stan Gibbs 12th August 1928 - 28th November 2007

Stan is now resting quietly and his brave fight is over.
Yesterday morning , after an extremely difficult week Stan passed away at home surrounded by his loving family.
I would like to thank everyone for their kind words on hearing of Max's father Stan's situation, it really meant a lot to us.
Also thanks to Gail for her kind offer of help.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Last night (Tuesday) at about 10 to 7 Max got a call from his mother to say that his father Stan was dieing. Stan was diagnosed in February with Lymphoma and had chemo in tablet form. Sadly this treatment turned out to be unsuccessful. His specialist this week took him off the tablets and gave him steroids to build him up to start having chemo through a drip. I now think this man was building false hope in the eyes of Max's parents. The Doctor that came to their home last night said to Max's Mum you know he is dieing don't you. You need to call the family.Well hey no one bothered to tell her before!
In the last month and a half he lost 2 stone (13kg).When we went to visit Max's parents with Amy, Ryan and new baby Riley just 17 days ago we thought he looked very frail. That visit could not have prepared us for what we saw last night at 9.30. So frail and fading - just a tiny little skin covered frame. We can only hope that the morphine he is taking is easing the pain.
It was a long 2 and a half hour drive to their home last night. With sisters in Queensland and Italy as well as Melbourne, we can only hope that he lingers long enough for them to see him before he passes away. I really don't think it would be better for him to linger that long but maybe for Max's sisters.
So I left Max with his mother this afternoon and drove back home to get some more clothes and do some paying of bills. Last night after we got the call we just grabbed our nightwear and toiletries and flew out the door.
I won't be back for a few days so will catch up with everyone then.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Laura of katydiddys has received her pretty blue packages.
Now you can see what is inside

The first photo is of the a combination of store bought and handmade decorations.
Laura told me she was having a cupcake theme on one of her christmas trees, so I thought I would make her some cupcakes in one of the colours she was using.
I bought 3 decorations in the same colour as well.

The handmade cupcakes look so pretty hanging off my candle holder

Below are the store bought decorations.

Monday, 19 November 2007


Saturday we arrived at Shepparton to 36 degrees as predicted. I had to buy a sunshade for the windscreen of my car because someone who shall remain nameless (it starts with M and ends with X and has an A in between) had taken mine out of my car to put in his car! MmmmmmMEN!!
Sunday was to be 34 degrees so I had my sunscreen with insect repellent included.Up at 4.45am to have a shower and be at the race by 5.30am. The race starts at 7.00am but there is a race briefing and checking in of equipment. At about 10 to 7 everyone walked around Lake Kialla(man made on a housing development). Just as Max’s group set out, down came the rain! Oh no – a couple of kms back to my car – yeh!! Surely we are going to get some sun. It’s meant to be 34 degrees.

Check out my new sunshade! Sitting on my dashboard,Didn’t need it.
We had rain, thunder, lightning. Such fun. I am so glad I had put in my umbrella and a jacket. Being a supporter of a triathletes is not as easy as it sounds.

Swim 31.55min Max coming out of the water and is on the right.

Max is in the blue and white bike gear! See all of the water on the road.
A bit dangerous on the corners!

Ride 2hr 46:59 minutes

Run 1 hr 42:47minutes
Max in the orange and black top

Max completed the race in 5 hours 1 minute and 41 seconds.

When we get home we find out Chloe has Chicken pox and one of my adult sons went to hospital with bad tonsillitis. Why does it always happen when you stay away for a night?

Something good happened too

Look what I got in the mail!!1 Lucky, lucky me. Just look at the pretty envelope

I got a beautiful Snowman Snowflake from Laurie of Charming Designs. I am so lucky.
Thanks Laurie

Friday, 16 November 2007



Tomorrow (Saturday) Max and I are off to Shepparton a 3 hour drive from home. On the Sunday Max is competing in a Half Ironman event (1.9km (1.2 mile) swim, 90km (56mile) bike ride 21.1(13mile) km run. No rests in between just straight out of the water – wetsuit off and bike gear on and out they go. Then off the bike and running shoes on and out they run. It should take him about 5 and a half hours. It starts at 7.00am and the temperature is meant to be about 34 degrees (93 degrees to our American friends) so I hope he isn’t out there much longer than that. Once he completes this race he will be qualified for the Australian Ironman Competition at Port Macquarie NSW in April 2008. This event is double all of the distances he will do on Sunday. If you have ever seen the Hawaiian Ironman event on TV this event is the same distance. He is one fit man – my Mad Max.
I have finally finished the Name Collages for the boys. After I made a Name Collage for Chloe I thought that I had better make one for Lachlan and Riley. It was harder to do one for them. As with everything, be it clothes or toys, girls have a wider range available. It was the same for me making the Name Collages. I just went to my workspace and Chloe’s came together easily. Maybe because I already had all the pinky, girly bits and pieces because that is what I like too! For the boys I had to resort to going to the Scrapbook Shop and get some bit and pieces there. Then there was the glitter issue. Boys and glitter ??? My adult sons said “no way you can’t put glitter on the boys’ ones” but hey Grandma had other ideas.

I couldn’t ‘not glitter’ – so I just used black and a light green and it didn’t turn out ‘girly at all. I hope they like them – Lachlan’s favourite colour is blue so he should like it.

As for Riley at one month old only his Mum has to like it – so I think I am safe.

Here is a photo I took of Riley on Wednesday. I think he's cute but I may be biased!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007



Yesterday the postman delivered a beautiful Pink Christmas Box that I won from Tiffany over at Hand Painted Love Boxes. It is such a sweet little box that will go nicely with my Shabby Chic Christmas Decor. Tiffany thanks for picking my name out as the winner.

DECK THE HALLS ORNAMENT SWAP - Monica at Home is Where Your Heart Is is the host of a great swap. You exchange both store bought and hand crafted decorations for christmas. My partner is Laura from katydiddys. Today I sent off these parcels to Laura.

The next two photos are a sneak peek at the handcrafted decorations.
Once Laura receives the parcel I will show you the real deal!

Another Sneak Peek
This last photo is a Sneak Peek at the store bought decorations.

I hope Laura likes them.

Thanks for enjoying the scenery in my previous post.

Friday, 9 November 2007


This is the view I had at Dinnertime tonight.
Max and I went to one of our all time favouite places tonight. Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula. We have our favourite parking spot where we sit, talk and dream. We even come up here on some New Years Eve's as the view of all of the fireworks going off around Port Phillip Bay is spectacular. We just sit back with our glass (or glasses) of wine with some snacks and enjoy the show.
Tonight we had pizza and pepsi - yes I know so unhealthy but it is the end of the week.
What better place can you imagine to eat your pizza - nothing better than Murrays Lookout.
We went a little higher up the road to Chapmans Point to watch the sunset.
The Mornington Peninsula is a fabulous place to live and visit. Check out the Mornington Peninsula Tourism site and plan your next day trip or holiday.
I feel like I'm falling when I look at this shot but I so love the colours.

Thanks for looking at my little piece of Heaven.

Saturday, 3 November 2007



It has been quite a few weeks since I have done anything creative. With the new addition to the family (Amy's baby - Riley) there hasn't been much time for anything else. As always when there is a new baby in your family circle you just have to go and visit.
Not that I mind but I think I need some 'Me Time' now.
So that's what I decided to do for a couple of hours today. Something I wanted to do. After going to watch Lachlan and Chloe at swimming lessons this morning I came home, did the usual housework and then started on something new.
So here it is. A 30cm (12inch) square creation for little Miss Chloe. I am sure she will love it ~ anything glittery and sequinned is just her thing. Of course it has to be pink.

Don't you love how Natasha wraps her parcels. It feels like it is your Birthday all over again.
Gorgeous little bunches of flowers ~ so sweet.
Tell me another shop that wraps their parcels like that.
I so love the things she sells in her shop.
Yeh some lovely Christmas decorations.
Don't you just love the Angel and the gorgeous Doves and Stars.
Natasha even sent that lovely card congratulating us on Riley's arrival. The card is a print taken from one of Natasha's original paintings. Thank you Natasha!

Well I am off to bed now as tomorrow we are off to see the In-laws. A 2 and 1/2 hour drive. Amy and Ryan are also going there to introduce Riley to his Great Grandparents. They will love him!!