Tuesday, 15 June 2010


On 26th April I picked these late Autumn roses and thought I'd leave them for ages to see how they dried out.

This is how they are today

I love the papery (not a real word but you know what I mean) look of them

These colours I adore


Today Max and I went for a coffee down at the pier at Mornington (5 minutes from home)
We just buy a take away coffee and take a snack of some sort to have with it

It was such a beautiful afternoon

Love the cobblestones leading onto the wooden pier

Just look at the texture of this pylon on the pier

Here is Max leaning over looking into the water

Some of the boatsheds

Look at the colour of the cliff face

Loving the rust on the pontoon
A great way to spend a Winter afternoon


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Alison

LOVELY, WONDERFUL photos of our beautiful Beach, I try and drive past everyday on my way to the Post Office or shopping and I must say today was an extra special one...You've captured it beautifully with your photos...Love them


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Hi Alison,
You live is a beautiful part of the world! Your photography is brilliant too!

I really enjoy the music that comes on when I look at your blog - makes me want to stay a bit longer!

Connie said...

Even dried up they're gorgeous with tinges of pink around the edges of the petal, honey. Today's photos spoke to my heart...

Amy M. said...

Lovely! I especially love the cobblestones.

Crafting by Candlelight

Sugar Bear said...

I love to see your beautiful water photos!

vintage girl at heart said...

Loving these images.
I envy you your back yard!!
A wonderful little niche of life!!!
Thanks for sharing these sweet images!!

Lori said...

you have a beautiful winter there Alison...and your pictures are lovely...your roses look so charming...i love how there is still a hint of pink on the petal edges...

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hello Alison! Love the photo of the flowers, both fresh AND dried! Just yummy! Wonderful pier pics, too!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

The bay looks so still and peaceful Alison. Indeed, a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

rochambeau said...

Hello Alison,
Lovely photos! Pretty roses!!
It's wonderful for you to share your winter. For me it's nice to imagine your weather. At 6:00 pm tonight we were driving into Louisiana. It was 98°. That'sa hot!!

Thanks for your kind wishes!!

Pearl Maple said...

Love the photo of the gull on the warf, ever so pretty view of the bay. You do live in such a pretty part of the world.

Papery is a perfect word for dried rose petals, always pretty even when they are dry.

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

You live in a really beautiful spot Alison. What a nice way to spend an afternoon, strolling along the waterfront. And your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Have a great weekend, and enjoy your coffee! K xx

Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Hi Alison. Those pics of the pier are lovely! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day down at the peir. How nice it must be to live by the ocean. :)
~ Jo

Stina said...

I like your pictures.;-) Hug Stina

Amor Designs said...

Love the pictures Alison. Looks very peaceful.

Big hug,
Amor Designs

Unknown said...

Hi Alison, It was so lovely of you to stop by and say hello. I LOVE your roses at first and as they turned the papery vintage brown with the tinge of pink at the tips. Your photos are wonderful. I especially loved the trip to the pier. You took us along the cobbled stone path that was so pretty. I also love the boat sheds and all of their lively colors. We do not have those here in America. From your photos I would never have guessed that it was a winter's day. Thanks for sharing.

shabbyfufu said...

Hi Alison, I always love your photos of the other part of the world that most of us in the U.S. don't ever have a chance to see! xo, Janet

MJ Ornaments said...

I love the look of your dried roses and the photo of Max looking over the pier is super! Take care Alison, Martha

Anonymous said...

You sure do live in a beautiful spot there alison, great photos too!

Alison Gibbs said...
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Unknown said...

You live in such a beautiful place. What a grand place to be able to take a walk to. When we lived in Ontario Canada we lived near a lovely marina on Lake Ontario. We often took the kids and walked along the water. Dried roses are my favorite, I also love to take fresh petals and press them in a book.

I love to see everyone's art spaces, but I always worry about the young artists who wish they had a beautiful room. Knowing now that I am ancient...having a beautiful room doesn't always make you create, it kind of makes you have to take time away from creating to clean that space.

Great getting old. Wish I could take a walk in your neck of the woods.


Jeanne said...

Hi Alison ~
Those roses really have so much texture once they dried. Did you see the ones that dried naturally from my daughter's wedding in my last post. Sometimes I take long stemmed roses and hang them upside down to dry individually.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Alison,
Your dried roses are lovely....we both have ours in silver....

How beautiful the walk you take. I would love to walk there.

Tutti Chic said...

Alison~It amazes me that we live oceans away but can see the same sights in each place. What a beautiful way to spend a winter's day. Over here, we are enjoying a gorgeous summer complete with the same seaside sights that you are enjoying! Beautiful! :) chris

Kellie Collis said...

Those last shots are glorious! xx

Roberta said...

Love the boatsheds Alison! So colorful and charming. xo

Ange said...

The boat sheds are adorable Alison, I hope that one day I can get to see them in real life:o)

Cathy said...

Hi Alison,

What a wonderful view of the beach. It makes me want to go swimming. It is quite hot here in Massachusetts today. Just the way I like it!

Have a great weekend.

xo Cathy

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Alison,
Well, your roses were beautiful when they were just picked and are still beautiful when dried. I usually take them out when they are just going over and hang them upside down to dry. I do that everytime I have roses.
You live in a wonderful place and I am rather envious. It looks beautiful. Many thanks for your lovely comment on my giveaway post. You are really kind.
Have a lovely new week. XXXX

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I'm lovin' your photos!
I still have a hard time realizing that it's boiling hot here in the states and ya'll are enjoying cool temperatures! ;)
Again, your photos are just GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Hello Alison,

Thanks so much for your visit today and kind words.

Love these roses. Are you going to use them on a project? I hope you do. They are stunning!

~ Gabriela ~

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Alison,

You live in a beautiful part of the state, it's so lovely out your way.

The roses are great, they really do flower for most of the year, the Pierre de Ronsards.

Hope you're having a great start to the week :)

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Rose always look so wonderful before and after!

Victoria x

kecia deveney said...

oh, the boat sheds are divine with all their bright colors. how fun! i loved to photograph them. what a pretty area.