Saturday, 26 September 2009


Today is my 55th Birthday - where have those years gone.
I guess when I look at my four kids ranging from 26 to 32 I can see where it went.
When I see the 3 gorgeous grandkids nearly 2 year old Riley, 5 year old Chloe and 7 year old Lachlan I reaslise how lucky I am to have been around long enough to have such a wonderful life.
So enough of the soppy stuff, let's get on with the give away

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and the gifts below could be yours

A hanging heart - Until you Fall in Love

Some gorgeous Cath Kidston Soaps and Bath Melts

and one of my favourite things - Sea Glass.

So leave a comment below to be in the draw.
I will do the draw on Friday 2nd October (Australian time)

Look what Max bought me for my Birthday.
A beautiful original painting by Gail McCormack
I love Iceberg Roses and of course anything beachy.
So this is the perfect gift.
Especially when you have no idea it is coming your way

Check Gail's blog and her website - Originals by Gail & Tony McCormack to see more of Gail's and Tony's fabulous items. A very talented pair.

photo from Gail McCormack


Gail McCormack said...



Wasn't Max clever - glad you like it

Lots of love from me around the corner

xo xo xo

p.s. yes please, enter me in the giveaway

Susan Tuttle said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!


Karin said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Hope it's a great one!

Loui♥ said...

Happy Birthday Alison!
hope your day was filled with sunshine..
kisses of sea breeze..
and even more joyous memories in the making!
♥hugs and smiles from Denver Colorado, USA

A Romantic Porch said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Alison. Gail's artwork is fabulous...what a sweet husband!
Your give away is neat. Sea glass fascinates me. I want to know what it is. Well, I know it is glass, but is it just broken bottles and such that wash up to shore? I think is is beautiful. Have a wonderful day. Celebrate all week, I say! xo rachel

Pearl Maple said...

Happy Birthday to you Alison

Your husband knows how to spoil you what a fabulous gift.

Hope you have a fabulous birthday.

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Alison! Hope you have a fabulous day with your family. You deserve it :)

Unknown said...

A very big happy birthday to you Alison, I hope you had a wonderful day, and are not getting these horrible winds!
Love the painting, she is one talented lady!
Id love to be in your draw, so count me in!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Alison,
Happy 55th Birthday to you.

Oh, you are sooo lucky, how sweet of your Max to buy you one of Gail's gorgeous paintings.

I'm also having a birthday next week and I'm also offering a free design. Pop on over later in the week and grab a copy.

LiLi M. said...

Happy Birthday to you Alison! Have a great day. That painting is so beautiful, lucky you!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday to you ! Hope your day was as sweet as you :)

Georgia Peachez said...

Dear Alison, happiest birthday wishes!!
Your new painting is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! xo, suzy

Barbara Jacksier said...

Since everyone else is wishing you a happy Birthday, I'll say Feliz Cumpleanos! Ole! Have a great day.

Valeree said...


I love your new painting. I'm very jealous!! Hope you have the best Birthday ever!!

The Pink Poodle said...

dear Alison....happy birthday for yesterday...

hope you got lots of lovely pressies...(shame about the horrid weather!!)..

hey...55 is not old...I will be 52 in a couple of weeks!!!

xx andrea

Lori said...

Now cha cha cha, dance like a kid, sing your head off in the car (do you do that there, we do!) and have some cake! No growing old for us!! I made this rule and we're all sticking to it!!! Sending love and best wishes, Lori

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to YEEEWWWWWWWWW! (that's a Texas Accent)! LOL. Hope the day was special and fun!

yapping cat

Pink Slippers said...

Happy Birthday!

Lori said...

Alison, i hope your birthday was wonderful...what a sweet gift from your Max!!!

vicki archer said...

A very happy birthday to you Alison...I hope you are enjoying the weekend with your beautiful family, xv.

bluemuf said...

Happy Birthay Alison. I so love your wonderful beach photos and you are nowing coming unto your spring and summer weather.
I love your new painting.

Hugs Karen

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Alison! I have to tell you, I thought you were much younger, about 10 years! I hope it's a good one!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Happy, happy birthday! I send you wishes for a fabulous year filled with enormous blessings.

And, YES...please enter me into your giveaway. I'd be so happy to win...LOVELY pressies!


acommonthread said...

happy birthday!! said...

oooooooooooooooh............I can't believe you got that painting, I clicked on it with the vague and ridiculous thought (lack of money) of buying it because I loved it so much and it had gone!!!! But how fabulous it went to you, and so perfect for you!!! A happy birthday to you Alison and best wishes and blessings for the year ahead - Rachaelxo

Rosemary said...

OMG Alison,
So sorry I missed your birthday! I hope you had a great one!!
You are such a creative and nice lady!!
Thanks for the visit!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Happy birthday..., a little late, but I wish you all the best!!!

Country Wishes said...


What a gorgeous pressie, Gail sure is one talented lady !!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, Alison. Hope it was a great one.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Happy Birthday Alison.....

I hope you have a wonderful memorable birthday!


P.S. I would love to be entered in your bday give away! I love searching for beach glass too!

Charmingdesigns said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I just had my 57th on the 23rd...Your birthday present is fabulous!!!
I am soooo looking forward to my birthday present...DJ's class!! I cant wait to see what I come away with!. Laurie

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Allison. Happy birthday to you.
Send me your full address via my email and I will send you a little surprise. OOOh yes indeed list me in your beautiful drawing. I love love love love the pretty picture you received for your birthday. Wonderful.

Jeanne said...

Oh dear! I missed your birthday Alison! Hope it was wonderful!

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Alison! I know the feeling. I don't feel 48, but then I look at my adult children and preteen grandkids and reality hits.

I love Max's gift! He must be a treasure.

Happy Birthday!

Siobhan said...

Happy Birthday Alison! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Thanks so much for popping by...its been some time since ive had a chance to blog.

You are a lucky girl getting one of Gail's paintings for your birthday...very spilt :)


Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday!

~ Gabriela ~

Irene ~ RE~VINTAGED said...

WOW! Happy Birthday Alison :)
Thank you so much for dropping by my place too. Lovely to 'see' you :)
Gails painting is stunning (as usual-is she capable of anything less!)
What lovely givaway gifts!
Irene x