Thursday, 12 June 2008




I gave a sneak peek back here.
This is what it was.

I was pleased with how the blue placemats turned out with the appliquéd parasol on them.

The paper doll also had a photo of Jessi on it (she is hanging on the parasol in the photo).

Do you see the yummy red umbrella lolly pops there.
Remember to click on the photos so you can enlarge them
and get a better look

I think what I enjoyed creating the most was the ‘It’s Raining Men’ collage.

I used a photo of Jessi and photos of her son and my 2 sons.

I forgot to put the tags in the photo too.

Shannon from Paint Mine Pink did a fabulous job of hosting this swap.

Thanks Shannon

Look what I got in the mail German bisque dolls

from Kecia of Lemoncholy’s flight of fancy.
Check this on her blog to see where they came from.

Kecia has used them in some of her jewellery, check out her Etsy and see her creations
Thanks Kecia they are so cute.

The colour for this weeks Shades of Inspiration hosted by Sara of Sadie Olive is green.
Some green from the house and garden

Nappy/Daiper Cake

Cute teapot

Japanese Maple

Christmas Star


Connie said...

Oh, Miss Alison, how cute is all that!

Oh, come over and join the blog giveaway...........


Lori said...

the collage for Jessi is so fun!!! i adore those sweet bisque dolls:) and your greens today are so pretty

Secondhandrose said...

Wow, what a collection of depression glass! so pretty. Your swap items are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely lovely treats and treasures!!

shabbyfufu said...

Girls just wanna have fun with those swaps and challenges!

Gail McCormack said...

Love your creations Alison, the little bisque dolls are adorable, isn't it amazing how many shades of green there are

Jessi Nagy said...

hey there cutie!!
i love all my swap goodies!! you so rock!!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Alison, how adorable everything is that you made for Jessi!! That "It's Raining Men" is too cute. I wanted my daughter to play that at her wedding reception!!LOL

I'm having a giveaway so hop on over to my blog to enter!

Angelic Accents

Natasha Burns said...

Oh lucky Jessi!!! Love the German dolls, they're just gorgeous!! said...

Saw what you did for Jessi on her blog and loved it! Love your green also. Hope little Riley is better, The Princess is on the road to recovery:) Rachaelxo

Joy Zaczyk said...

What fun Alison! You are one busy girl!


Anonymous said...

Wow, such fun pretty stuff. Love the swap items.

bluemuf said...

Alison, What lovely items you made for Jessi. I love the collage. And, your green items are so inpiring.

Hugs Karen

Dede Warren said...

What a fab idea to do the Raining Men collage, it is so cute! I am sure Jessi loves it!

CIELO said...

Love your teapot and rose candles... charming!

pd: It’s party time!... Party time!—come to The House in the Roses and see!

Hope you can participate


Cindy said...

You got some awesome goodies. Don't you love gettin cool stuff in the mail?


Sherry said...

I love the stuff you sent Jessie!! The Raining Men collage is so cute!

Check out my blog later, I gave you an award!!


Betty said...

Alison, What a fun swap package that you sent Jessi. I think that Raining men collage is so fun!

Unknown said...

The swap stuff looks like so much fun! Your photos are so cute of the little bisque dolls and your greenery.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Lucky Jessi!

I love those bisque dolls, Alison - I want some for myself ;)

And Shann, can't say enough about her - one of the sweetest around.

Anonymous said...

I love your swap goodies. They are all beautiful.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a wonderful swap! Your collage is just magnificent!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Girl!!
What sweet parasol items very pretty!! I love the picture of jessi and the boys very sweet!!
The Nappy cake is Gorgeous!! Love the coloured ribbon that was used. pretty one of my Fav's
Have a great weekend sweetie!!

Laura said...

I'm catching up a bit and have really enjoyed my visit here. Beautiful art and I love the green glassware. And, oh how I love your post regarding the "little hands in mine". As one Nana to another, you really touched my heart.

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Hiya Miss Alison ! Ive just been over at Jessi's blog to say Bon Voyage and WOW i cant get over all the brilliant swap stuff you sent her! Where on earth did you find those umbrella lollies?? Ther are way cool. I can just see Jessi jumping about the place as she unwrapped it all!! LOL. Loved ALL of it, you were so creative and thoughtful.
I had such a blast hosting this, but it was all you gorgeous gals who made it so great.

Have a great weekend sweetpea. Is it as cold there as it is here? Brrr...


Unknown said...

Alison, how adorable It's raining men parasol. The collage for Jessi is fabulous, she is going to love it! I bet you had a ball designing these. Your greens are also great. Karen

Susan Tuttle said...

Such wonderful goodies - love that teapot!


Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hi alison, love the raining men swap you created, great job on the nappy cake, I've never seen one so detailed as your beautiful cake. how sweet are those German dolls, lucky you!

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend Alison.

Chat soon,


Lola Enchanted said...

Wow, what sweet treats!!!!!!!!!!~

Maria said...

Thanks for the nice words Alison.

Love the doll. So very precious.

Sherry said...

I was beginning to wonder about you! Sorry you were sick and I hope you are feeling much better now. I'm glad your back!!


Heartinmyhand said...

Your swap items are very fun. Love all the green glass and the pic's of grandma's hand with her sweet little ones. How fun you are close to them.

Tara said...


I am wondering what lovelies those bisque dolls will turn into!

Katrina said...

Hi Alison, so sorry to hear you have not been well! Bring on those flannelette sheets LOL. How did you go with your front door analysis?

Birds of a Feather said...

hi alison ~ you have been having a crafty good time - what fun! love the raining me idea! xo heidi

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Alison...
You have working your fingers to the bone. Love your stuff. Crazy about IT'S RAINING ME COLLAGE...LOVE IT...BRILLIANT!! Have a grand week

Unknown said...

Alison, Oh what goodies! Love the tags..
Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving me the birthday comment.
Blessings & hugs ~Mary~ :-}

Alice Regan said...

What a wonderful swap gift. Look at all those goodies you made up! You've been one busy lady. I also love the diaper cake. I think they are so cute to make.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful comments. I enjoyed visiting and hope to be back soon. ....Alice

Mosaic*Queen said...

You girls have so much fun!!!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

How much fun, so many pretty things here today!

Happy week!


BittersweetPunkin said...

I loved all the things in the swap! How creative!!
Have a great day!

Michelle said...

How cute!! I love the raining men..


savvycityfarmer said...

Hello there dear friend....I've missed our chats...

What I'm about to share over at my post, I've waited two years to experience...Nic's wedding....

Here's a blanket invitation to share in our joy....

let's chat

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I love the raining men collage!!
so cute.
and the diaper cake! wish I knew that idea when I had my nieces shower,

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Great swap package you sent!

Your diaper cake looks much more successful than the one i made!!

Victoria xx